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11:30 23-Aug-2021

Main website update, we have had to rush a minor update out on our main website to keep it safe, we have not had problems but want to keep it safe so we don't have problems down the track, we know we will have to change a hard version of the site soon but since security updates are still going out we will keep to a working version.

10:00 23-Aug-2021

Office planned outages, we have been told by the NBN that they are planing outages near the office on 31 Aug between 12am to 6am but have a outage of only 15min max, we will see, the office systems are all that will be effected from it, tho we have a backup in place for it some services will still be down till they have the connection back.

09:00 20-Aug-2021

Cloud Flare DNS1 Ping Times, due to a few internal changes to the office network for testing the Cloudflare.dns1 ping times don't match the dnsS1, We know of this and its only a routing change, it may also show it down at times but it is working just the test link may be down, this will not effect any customers.

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