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09:45 04-Apr-2019 Office power outage, the office lost power for only a short time but we are happy to have the new batteries in as all stayed online and for the time it was down the backup generator did not need to start.
17:40 03-Apr-2019 Office online, the 15:30 and 16:00 came back before we could find out what happen, but at 17:15 we decided to do a hard off and re-seating of all lines on the NBN modem while it was down again, this has fixed any modem problems and looks to be working well too.
17:15 03-Apr-2019 Office offline again, still looking into the problem.
16:00 03-Apr-2019 Office offline again, still looking into the problem.
15:30 03-Apr-2019 Office offline, looking into it.
14:00 03-Apr-2019 Office all back online, took a bit longer for the NBN to return this time but all is back now, we will monitor the servers for any problems from this outage but for now all looks good.
13:15 03-Apr-2019 Office UPS problems, hole office offline now due to UPS battery replacement.
09:00 03-Apr-2019 Office UPS problems, We will have to take the servers at the office offline for about 1hr while we replace the batteries we hope to do this around 1pm today.
02:00 03-Apr-2019 Office back on line, the main UPS failed and with the backup one down too this took out the hole server rack in the Office, Customer Website & Emails was not effected as this is hosted off site and only backup to the office.
01:00 03-Apr-2019 Office problems, power back but servers are taking there time to come back online.
00:30 03-Apr-2019 Office problems, we lost power to our hole server rack looking into it.

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