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10:00 06-Oct-2020

Network Stats: Update from we found a small "referrer" glitch on Android's Chrome web browser, well things have changed and no one was told, We got a update from a google person and found they and many others are changing there settings
The Link to google's new Referrer Policy is here
Link to Web.dev Referrer Best Practices is here.
We have now implemented the right settings on our status page and are working on the other pages.

09:00 06-Oct-2020

Network Stats Not showing: We found a small "referrer" glitch on Android's Chrome web browser which was not the graphical stats to our network page, we have added our comment to others that have also reported the same problem on there pages to the Chrome browser designer page, but in the short time we have a workaround for the problem so the stats are back,
This problem is only in the current Android's Chrome web browser and no others

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