Haddow Internet Current Network Status For The Current Month.

00:30 10-Jun-2022

Office Main Link Outage, The link went down for 15 min total, all is back online.

12:00 05-Jun-2022

Office Main Link Outage, We have notice of a outage to the main office line to happen on the 10 Jun from 00:00 to 00:30.

14:30 03-Jun-2022

Routing issue upstream update, still no report but things have stabled out, from our side we lost connection to vocus.network and for some reason we saw crazy routing and loops going via the he.net and tpgi.com.au services.

13:00 03-Jun-2022

Routing issue upstream Update, well some of the services has come back but we are still seeing some things that are not right, also waiting on a report from up stream.

12:30 03-Jun-2022

Routing issues upstream, there is a routing issue in Sydney that is causing random problems to some customers, we have contacted up stream and they are seeing the same further up and so passing it on.

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