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09:15 09-Aug-2022

Main link problems, for some reasion the firewall did not switch back to the main link, we are looking into why but have refreshed the link and all back to normal.

05:20 09-Aug-2022

Office main link back online.

04:20 09-Aug-2022

Office main link offline, it looks to be the NBN outage.

15:00 01-Aug-2022

NBN outage, We have been given notice of a up and coming NBN outage on the 9th Aug between 4am and 6am that might effect our office main link, during this time our office will run on the backup link till the main link is back online.

12:30 01-Aug-2022

Main hosting server back online, we are still waiting on a update from the hosting provider but all is back online and stable but will still monitor for any problems.

12:00 01-Aug-2022

Main hosting server update, The problem is in the back end and we are waiting on a report.

11:50 01-Aug-2022

Main hosting server problems, We are seeing a problem on our main hosting service, we are looking into it.

09:45 01-Aug-2022

Server3 Update, the problem we was having trying to access server3 and other parts in the same centre was traced to another IP in the same subnet as our office, that was spamming services and in doing so they got blocked but kept doing this and so got the hole /24 blocked, we have contacted our upstream for them to trace this user and see if they are still causing problems for there hole network as spamming is not taking nicely here in Australia, but our office is back online to it.

00:01 01-Aug-2022

Payment system, Since the changes we had done to our invoicing system we now have many added functions in it, and so as of the 1st Aug clients can now make online payments with Visa, Master & Amex cards, But to Note: there is a fee of 2.25% if you pay via this option.

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