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16:00 21-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Again another call from the provider that clam that if I get a connection of 1/2 of what I use to for 4 years then its still within specs under NBN Standards, this is not permitted and so we are lodging this again with the TIO.

17:00 20-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Well we had a call from the provider and are getting the run around and large demands of screen shots from all test we did so the office mail link was down for a few hours, all is back tho at lower speeds still.

10:00 20-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, Update, All phone changes have been completed and are testing like they should, its a more stable service then old provider.

19:00 19-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, The speeds are just getting worse and so I made a call to the provider and was told they will not contact NBN to fix it as they clam my speeds are ok, then told me to call the NBN directly and even gave the number and of cause NBN doesn't deal with the customer, only the provider and so I contacted the TIO (16:30), TIO was great to talk to and understood my problem and when told of how many outages I had they agreed it was not right and even said that since I am a business with business phones and NBN then my service should be almost 100% stable, (18:30) Call from provider and they did a few checks and agreed my service was not up to the standards it should be and so they will contact NBN to look into more (To me It means, you can wait and may be we might get it fixed one day).

12:00 15-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, Update, The application was approved and now just have to wait till the 20th.

15:40 10-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, Update, We have the application to move in and will update more later.

09:00 09-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Well our speed are buck up higher but not normal.

15:40 08-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, A tech was working on a problem in the area and once he started work on the pit the main link lost connection for a shout time and once back data speeds was down but stable.

10:00 07-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, We are in the stage of moving some of our office phone numbers, will update the info soon.

09:00 06-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Well our main link provider is giving us a run around they clam the service is restored but they also see there is problems, I have reported what the problem is and where it is but they clam I must be wrong tho I have photos of the problem, I also told them that they was meant to call me back with a full update from NBN and told they will but its been 8 days now and nothing.

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