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Some are listed bellow in our own Network Status, we even have history dating back to 2005..

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03:25 23-Mar-2023

Office Main link Back Online, Well it looks like NBN finished early.

03:06 23-Mar-2023

Office Main link Offline, It looks like NBN has started there work.

17:00 21-Mar-2023

Office Main link, Our main NBN link provider has just received a late notice of a upcoming outage to happen on the POI on the 23rd Mar 2023 between the hours of 3am to 5am but state it will be only 1 hr total.

12:12 14-Mar-2023

Office Main link Back Online, Our NBN and all service through it are back online.

10:50 14-Mar-2023

Office Main link Update, Our NBN provider contacted NBN and found NBN claimed they didn't know about this but the power provider has noted they had for a month.

10:05 14-Mar-2023

Office Main link down, Well the Main NBN link is down, the so call 4 hr uptime is not true now, this will effect our phones and a few websites till power is restored to the NBN box.

08:30 14-Mar-2023

Office Power Update, Well we found out by the power provider there is work in the next street, our office power will stay up but our FTTN will not have power, NBN has failed to notify us of this work, the work state 08:30 to 12:30.

08:20 14-Mar-2023

Office Power Problem, We have seen a power contractor around the area, this means there is a power line work somewhere we are looking into it.

09:00 12-Mar-2023

Office Links Update, Well it looks like all is working like it should, Dam it took some time but we will monitor for any problems.

18:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Online, Sorry for no updates during it as it took time, The software install went well, but it took time to reconfigure the router for the office networks, The server is stable and so for now we are finished for the most part, we will have to do a few tweaks tomorrow.

09:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Down, We have started the install.

08:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Update, We are taking the plunge and doing a complete fresh install of the firewall, this may take the links up and down a few times.

04:10 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Back online, Firewall software had rebooted.

04:00 11-Mar-2023

Office Links Down, we are looking into why.

17:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links Up, We will monitor for problems but see there are still some error's from the server.

16:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links Down Again, The Firewall is still playing up, we are in the stage of doing a software upgrade.

15:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links back online, we had to force a reboot but now there are huge error logs coming in.

14:00 10-Mar-2023

Office Links Down, we are looking into why.

08:00 01-Mar-2023

Office Main link Problems, Over the last few months we have seen some crazy errors on our firewall, we are looking into this.

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