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12:30 07-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Had call from Provider stating the Tech had been, when I told them I know as I had to be here for him to look at all the problems, but I also stated my connection to NBN is great but my connection to them is Crap for uploads, I am only geting 11mb/s uploads, the person wanted me to do factory reset of my modem to fix the problem but as I told them I was not there now as I have a business to run and even doing a Factory reset will not fix it as the node is what is setting that speed and they need to make a change there end which will take 24hr if they don't.

11:20 07-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Well Tech turned up and boy what problems there was and all on the NBN Side, He had to reroute wires in pits to fix problems others didn't do, Our office is back up and faster connection.

13:45 06-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Yep it was down again but for some reason the core router went into a panic reboot too, we are looking into the logs to see why but for now all is back up and running like it should, (when the Core goes down the hole office is down).

12:15 06-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Yep it was down and up again, the last few days the NBN has gotten worse, every rain event the NBN goes down, Our Office speeds got all the way down to 15MD/8MU, the ISP did a lookup and said "yes they see a problem", Tech is still booked in for for tomorrow 7th May 21 between 8am and 12pm.

11:30 01-May-2021

Website, Our main website (This one) has been updated without problems, no real changes just a backend updates.

10:45 01-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Yep it was down again from 09:10-09:15, and 10:30-10:40, will be happy when NBN fix there problems.

00:02 01-May-2021

Website hosting Changes, We have been told that our hosting company has changed hands and so by the 1st Apr 2022 our services will be moved over to them, we are looking into other providers as the new one is not supporting our type of hosting without a large price increase we are looking at moving to another provider, Will update soon.

00:01 01-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Tech booked in for the this Friday the 7th May 2021 from 8am-12pm.

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