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Haddow Internet Current Network Status For The Current Month In 2019.

00:40 22-Sep-2019 Office IPv6 back online, it took 6hr to come back, we have asked for a report into why so long and will have to wait to find out.
15:45 21-Sep-2019 Office IPv6 update, the provider has told us that there main server has stopped responding they are trying to get it back online but there main tech's don't start work till much later tonight so we just have to wait till it comes back, will give a update when we know more.
15:20 21-Sep-2019 Office IPv6 down, it looks like it is from our IPv6 provider.
16:45 13-Sep-2019 Office internet back online, After a restore that took some time due to network config, all services are back on line, main hosting not involved only office equipment.
14:00 13-Sep-2019 Office internet off line, Admin stuffed up and clicked on the wrong tick box taking down the internet.
12:15 13-Sep-2019 Office server, our office server needed to be rebooted due to a small problem, all is fixed and working new.
14:20 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power back online, NBN stayed up for the hole time.
09:00 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, It looks like the NBN may go down during this work as the power comp is working on the low voltage attached to it, time will only tell.
09:45 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Power comp finally starting to do work.
09:15 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Mains Power off, Generator started and switched, Office no running of Generator, still have to look into is the NBN FTN is powered but for now all is working great.
09:00 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Power comp is setup and power should be down any moment.
07:00 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Or office is due to have a power outage today starting at 9am, we will update here when it happens.

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