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07:45 16-Sep-2020

Office Network Update, We found one setting on the master server was not set and so one of the VM's (Wifi Server) was not online since the reboot yesterday, all up and working as should.

17:40 15-Sep-2020

Office network Update, Network switch upgrade finished, finally fixed the settings, for some reason the new switch was not doing vlan's as said and needed another setting set for the internet side to fix the vlan settings that was needed.

16:30 15-Sep-2020

Office network Update, Network switch upgrade didn't go as planed, we had problems with vlan's on the internet side so we had to revert the internet side back to default settings for now this also meant the server needed a reboot to fix some settings, we are looking into why it didn't work and may take the network down again.

13:00 15-Sep-2020

Office network upgrade, Our office will be down for about 10 min during a Network switch upgrade from about 3pm.

10:25 08-Sep-2020

Office Power Back Online, Outage was almost 2 full hours.

09:00 08-Sep-2020

Office Power Update, there is a wide spread outage in the area (The hole NE Vic) the power company as marked down there is high winds and it took out the mains, our office has a clear day so more looking into it.

08:35 08-Sep-2020

Office Power is down, Looking into the problem, Site is on generator backup for now.

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