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We monitor many services for both our clients and other providers,
Some are listed bellow in our own Network Status, we even have history dating back to 2005..

Some of the other Status Sites we also use: NBN Services Status, Aussie Broadband Outages, Obble Internet Status, Australianphone, Telstra Status, Optus Status, IInet/Westnet Status, Netregistry/Webcentral Status, Tunnel Broker IPv6, Cloudflare Status, OVH States, Equinix Status, Google Cluod Status, Quad9 Status. Starlink Status ACSC, WordFence Threat Intel



15:30 21-Apr-2024

Office Network Back Online,
 The update did not go to plan and so we had to roll it back to the last working hardware, we are looking into why it failed.

14:00 21-Apr-2024

Office Network Down,
 We have started the update with the router so the hole network is down.

08:00 20-Apr-2024

Office network update,
 All the parts have arrived to update the office network,we are going to do the install tomorrow 21 Apr 2024, we will update this page when it happens and finished.

08:00 10-Apr-2024

Email Problems,
 We have seen people having problems sending emails to Microsoft domains, including "Hotmail.com, Outlook.com," we are looking into it but MS thinks all emails from our server's is spam and so will not remove it, they also state they are right and every one else is wrong, another words they are blocking emails to them as they think its spam and will not remove with out legal action, for us we are looking into how to get them to fix there side but it takes time.

06:00 07-Apr-2024

Daylight Savings Ended,
 Daylight Savings Ended at 3am it goes back to 2am (+10 utc).

09:00 01-Apr-2024

Daylight Savings Ends,
 Reminder Daylight savings Ends on the 7th of Apr 2024 at 3am it goes back to 2am.

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