Phone (VOIP) Provider's

Please note, we don't provide any customers with Internet (Eg NBN, 4G...) or Phone line services, these services are done via other ISP's & Phone companies directly, but we may recommend services or manage some through our Partner Program.

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There is so many Providers out there these days.

But there are 2 main types of VOIP providers: Standalone Type Providers and Internet Bundled Providers.

Standalone providers provide access to VOIP type services only.

Internet Bundled providers provide VOIP service with a Internet Connection to NBN.

But as stated these 2 are the main types as many also can provide other services too, but also both.

NBN Providers like Telstra, Optus, TPG ...... pretty well MOST* ISP's are a Bundle service, they provide you with a NBN connection and Phone together.

But there is many Providers that are also only VOIP providers*, But most can provide some other service too.

Providers Like "Australian Phone Company" "Voipline" (to name a few) are mainly VOIP provides.

Most can provide you a (DID) Direct Incoming Dial line, but many (including the ones above)
can also do numbers like 1300 and even Virtual Mobile Numbers 04x, some even 1800 numbers too.


I will state that all providers have there pros and cons.


This is not a sales pitch,Its just how I fill about them.

For Bundaled services (Phone and Internet) to Home's and Small Office's, I would recommend a ISP like "Aussie Broadband"
All the dealings I and some of my customers have had with them is better then all the others.


For VOIP only providers, for our office we have found a reliable service with "Australian Phone Company", they provide both Home and Business type phone services at a great price.

There plans start from $0.00 per month, that's you pay for what you use or need, and go all the way up to "Unlimited" Plans.

I have been able to get a few home & business moved across to them and save these places many $$$$ per month just by changing there phone provider.

They even made it easy to port your existing telephone number.

One of my home customers saved over $35 per month as they only use the number to receive calls.

One Business saved over $100 in just call cost.

Our Office is a "affiliate" with "Australian Phone Company", and can help your business try and save on calls and cost in so many ways, Contact us if you want to know more.


To note: Some provider's will not allow you to port from them (Some even to them) so make sure of it all up front.


Biggest Problem In Porting A Number: If you are going/wanting to port from one provider to another is, you have to have the port the number completed with the new provider before you close the account with the old provider, people forget this as it takes time and then once they find out they broke there phone system in doing this then it takes longer if not at all to get there number back and working like it was.


Also to note: If you port away from one provider to another it may cost you more up front as some providers charge a fee to port away from them and also if you have a contract with the old provider, The cost of braking the contract.
(Telstra and Optus are some of the worse for fees we have seen.)

 But as stated in so much legal paperwork these days, always read the fine print and make sure you know what its going to cost.


Then there is other types of Phone services that will work for people who don't have a reliable internet or not want Internet outright,

Mobile Phone.

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