Mobile Phone Services

Please note, we don't provide any customers with Internet (Eg NBN, 4G...) or Phone line services, these services are done via other ISP's & Phone companies directly, but we may recommend there services.

Updated 06-Jul-2023

There are many types of Mobile Phone Services.

And what we mean by Mobile Phone Services, there is so many options like;

Normal Mobile Phone

This area we will not get to much into, as there is so many mobile phones on the market, its best tho to get a mobile that is not locked to a provider, that way if you want to move to another you can by just changing the sim card to the new provider.

Mobile Data

Mobile Data is much like the mobile phone, the best tho is many of the data devices have USB and can be used as a Data Backup in some devices.

optus telstra wifi

Devices like the ones above can be used for Mobile Data, some are 4G only others have 5G as well, also some have the added function of built in wifi to allow you to connect your devices to mobile data, Many of the USB types can also be plugged into router to give a site direct connection to the internet and is great to people who can not get NBN, the only down side to most data plans is the amount of data you can use.

Data Backup

Data Backup can be done in many ways, but the most common is a USB dongle in the router and set as the backup link


Dongles like this can be 4g or even 5g these days and depending on the provider to how much data you can have, the best for many of these devices is they can plug in to many routers.

(All you have to make sure is the dongle outputs as a usb device and not a network as some USB devices are show on computers as a network, not a connection and so can not be in many routers as a backup device)

usb port

Routers like most NBN ones have a USB port, many including non ISP ones support usb data as a backup (But not all, some also only support some of the devices)

Phone Backup

Phone Backup (here means) land line to mobile, most providers can support call diversion and so you can set up a divert to the mobile number if the main line is down, but also with VOIP if you have a data backup over mobile the calls might be able to keep working when your NBN is down, This depends on both the internet provider and Voip one, but also a item like a PBX Integration (See bellow) can allow you to call out on a mobile number when the main line is down or just to have cheaper calls too, there is just so many options.

PBX Integration

There is 2 main types of Integration, The best is POTS, but there is also SIP.

s l1600 These unit has pots out and can be connected to the Pots port of the PBX.

There is also available in more then one sim models, some have up to 16 SIM to 16 Pots.

Sip, most sip devices use data not 4g Phone so to have a sip backup its best to have a 4g data backup and route the sip over it.

Home/Desktop Phone.

Home/Desktop Phone is almost the same as PBX Integration but also has a few extra options.

This option is also great for people who doesn't want internet just a phone.

There is many options you cane use but for many there will be two options.

  1. Connect to old phone
  2. New Desktop

For many including some Seniors this can sometimes be the best option (most of these don't provide internet),

A add on unit is connected to your old phone and is almost the same as the old way to make a call the only differentness is its a mobile call, it also allows calls in too.

4G Pots This device even has battery backup.

These devices can be picked up all over the place even on ebay for amount $130 but to note they MUST support the 4G calling in the area its going to be used in, its best to only get the device from a Australian suppler, but no matter what make sure it will be compatible to the service you want to use it with and has a guarantee.

Desktop is the new way to go and some people are using this in areas for there phone but also internet over 4G due to thay can not have NBN.

But to note some providers make you locked in to there service and others allow you to use a sim card from a provider of your choice.

Phones Like (But not limited to)

dt7x wifi symbol Cordless Phone by MyHomeFone

This is locked to MyHomeFone provider


senico This Desktop Phone is from Seniors Phone

This Phone is also not locked to a provider and supports 99% Aust 4G Mobile providers.

Also this is the type of phone we recommend for most user that want a desktop phone (Not just Seniors)