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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2017

14:10 22-Dec-2017 Aust Internet problems fixed, the link that went down has been fixed but we are waiting for a update into why it happened in the first place.
09:30 22-Dec-2017 Aust Internet problems update, Some providers are seeing problems to Asia but non know the direct problem yet but they see the problem.
21:25 21-Dec-2017 Aust Internet problems, We are seeing problems from over seas to Aus, some things are working fine but there may be things like Web, Email to name a few that are slow or playing up, We are looking into why.
13:24 20-Dec-2017 Main server IPv6 problems Fixed (For Now), We can see all is back online for now (Still waiting for a update into why its happening).
13:01 20-Dec-2017 Main server IPv6 problems Update, The provider is contacting the software maker that they use to host it, to find out why its doing this (Not back online yet).
09:30 20-Dec-2017 Main server IPv6 problems Update, We been told by the provider they are looking into the problem deeper as this problem should not happen, still no IPv6 websites sorry.
08:30 20-Dec-2017 Main server IPv6 problems Update, We have requested Lever 2 support look into it
00:43 20-Dec-2017 Main server IPv6 problems again, All IPv6 to our new servers are down, the office is fine,.

22:30 18-Nov-2017 Main server IPv6 problems Fixed, we are still waiting on a report on what happen but have been told its all working now, we are looking into a offsite robot monitor to make sure we know when these problems start.
18:00 18-Nov-2017 Main server IPv6 problems Update, we have requested this get escalated to higher support as the current think there is nothing wrong.
15:05 18-Nov-2017 Main server IPv6 problems, we are not sure when it started but we are seeing a problem with IPv6 on our main servers and have onsite support looking into it.
14:45 15-Nov-2017 Main office back on mains power, they finished early, found out that Ausnet kept power to the box tho the line was being worked on, just not that section directly.
09:00 15-Nov-2017 Main office running on generator power due to lines work.
09:00 10-Nov-2017 The Planed power outage for the office 15th Nov Update, We have queried the NBN if they will be providing power backup for the main junction box of 90% of West Wodonga's internet, at first they did not know of any work and then told us NO as they don't think the work will effect them, I think this outage will be a bit of a test for the box as I am sure it will lose power, the office will be online for as long as the NBN UPS hold's out and then we will see how long till the box starts back up once power is returned.
15:00 08-Nov-2017 We have seen a few problems with the new SSL certificate renewals this month and are monitoring it and have our SSL certificate provider also looking into what is causing this problem.
12:00 02-Nov-2017 Planned Power Outage for Office, we have been told to be ready for a planned outage for our office on Wed the 15th of Nov 2017 from 08:45 to 16:30, this will not stop the office from running as we have a onsite generator but if there is a problem onsite then our office will be offline, we will keep you up to date on this.

18:00 29-Oct-2017 All domains we host from U to Z was moved, only one site had a problem but fixed quickly.
18:00 22-Oct-2017 All domains we host from K to T was moved, no problems.
18:00 10-Oct-2017 All domains we host from A to J was moved a few sites had a few glitches but fixed.
10:02 07-Oct-2017 All domains we host from U to Z will be moved on the 29th Oct, during this day the site will be off line and also emails too for up to 1 hour.
10:02 07-Oct-2017 All domains we host from K to T will be moved on the 22th Oct, during this day the site will be off line and also emails too for up to 1 hour.
10:01 07-Oct-2017 All domains we host from A to J will be moved on the 10th Oct, during this day the site will be off line and also emails too for up to 1 hour.
00:01 01-Oct-2017 We have moved to our new server back in August but did a basic setup to get all working, over this month we will move the domains to a better setup on the same server meaning that a site will be off line for up to a few hours, we will list the domains here when we move them.

00:01 01-Sep-2017 Nothing to report for this month yet.

16:10 29-Aug-2017 Main server email problems, we are seeing a problem on our main server for our customers sending out emails (A auth fail), The upstream provider is looking into it as its on there forwarding server not ours, this is not stopping incoming emails, this is only on a few accounts any customer having problems please call us so we can look into there side too.
12:00 12-Aug-2017 Main server update, We have fine turned some hot-linking and most websites are now secure SSL sites.
10:00 10-Aug-2017 Main server update, We have turned on hot-linking to our websites and we are also moving most websites across to secure SSL equipment.
15:30 07-Aug-2017 Main server update, All services moved across to the new server, this server also included Free SSL Certificate's for all websites we host too.
15:00 02-Aug-2017 Main server update, We have started to move some websites across to the new server also some email services, each site is tested first before its made live on the new server.
14:30 01-Aug-2017 Office main server back online, server went into a panic reboot and we are looking into why.
14:15 01-Aug-2017 Office main server is not responding.

10:00 29-Jul-2017 Main server movements, due to higher costs we have had to look at moving our services across to new server, we will start moving services across from the 2nd of August 2017, this also means some changes to settings too.

15:00 18-Jun-2017 Main server back online, all has gone to plane.
14:30 18-Jun-2017 Main server is shutting down for a reboot, should be back in 30min.
12:00 07-Jun-2017 Main server reboot will happen on the 18th of June 2017 at 14:30, we have been told there will be a reboot happening on our server to allow a security update.
09:52 05-Jun-2017 Office Line back online, our logs tell me its NBN problems as the line just drops, but we are looking into it more.
09:45 05-Jun-2017 Office Line Down again, Still looking into the problem.
09:33 05-Jun-2017 Office Line Back Online, still looking into why.
09:14 05-Jun-2017 Office Line Down, Looking into the problem.

14:00 02-May-2017 Main server back online, It seams the upstream provider did some upgrades with out contacting anyone, it was a security update that they know they was going to do since the 27th of April 2017 but not passed it on, we have contacted them and given them and they are looking into why there system did not contact people about it.
13:25 02-May-2017 Main server not responding, looking into the problem.

00:01 01-Apr-2017 No problems to report.

11:30 30-Mar-2017 SSL problems Fixed, After a lot of research on my end looking at upstream routers and telling them it looks like a BGP problem they finally traced it down and fixed some BGP routes now all working and back on line.
08:30 30-Mar-2017 SSL problems not fixed, was told by the upstream provider that all was fixed yesterday about 15:00 but we still had the problem, called them back today at 8am and told them what problems and these also included VPN connections all todays ones was to USA and Canada but there was also problems to some Australian IP's too, They are now looking into the problem more.
14:00 29-Mar-2017 SSL problems Update, The problems is all websites that are normal http work but https are the trouble ones and since all sights are moving over to https this is a lot of sites that have this problem, it is NOT our service that is the problem, Some ISP's in Australia are having this problem but not all and the ones that do have the problem are all using the same link to over sea's too but it looks like the problem could be deeper, it took till now for them to notice the problem but people have been telling one since 9am and now they understand it, (Websites like Google, Facebook and a few other don't have this problem as they are running off Australia direct links) there is no ETA for when it will be fixed.
10:00 29-Mar-2017 SSL problems, There is SSL Websites problems to any service over sea's, we are looking into the problem.
14:55 11-Mar-2017 Main server Upgrade, Server back online and working fine.
14:45 11-Mar-2017 Main server Upgrade, Upgrade has started.
10:00 07-Mar-2017 Main server Upgrade, we are going to do a hardware upgrade on 11Mar2017 at about 14:45, this time is due to support being on hand for any problems, it will also require the server to be offline for up to 10 min if all goes well.
19:50 06-Mar-2017 Office main line back on line, it looks like there was a Auth Link Problem between NBN and the upstream provider, all back for now.
18:20 06-Mar-2017 Office Main Line down, we are looking into the problem, all office phone lines are down to.
12:30 01-Mar-2017 Main server Upgrades, We are looking at updating the main software on the server but this will take the server off line for a few hours, we will be doing a full back up before the upgrade so if any problems we can go back to the working one, we will list when we look at doing this on this page soon.
12:00 01-Mar-2017 Main Server SSL updates, all has completed, there was a few 10 min outages due to problems but fixed now, we are monitoring for any problems too but for now all is working with the new ssl certificate.
10:00 01-Mar-2017 Main server ssl updates, We have started and should all go fine.

09:00 24-Feb-2017 Main Server Updates, We need to do some updates on out main server, the first will be on the 1st of March from about 9:00 to 12:00 and will only effect the secure web sites and email send and receive by customers, we need to replace the secure ssl certificate on these services and should only take a minute but if any problems then it may take longer.
06:30 23-Feb-2017 Office link back online, The Office is just back online and after some calls to the upstream provider, they found out there was a upgrade in the area and they have know about it but forgot to pass it on, the update by NBN was only meant to be 10min outage the provider clams, I reminded then that all ways the NBN can be down for 12 hours or more thats the NBN.
02:00 23-Feb-2017 Office link offline, The office main link is down we are looking into why as we have not been told of any work to be done.

21:00 24-Jan-2017 Main Server High Data Loads, we have seen a massive drop in data loads, we are still blocking IP's this includes IPv4 & IPv6.
19:00 24-Jan-2017 Main Server High Data Loads, we have seen very high data loads on our main server which has forced us to start blocking IP's, most IP's are hole subnets.
All IP's are from computers that are effected with some bug and so we have come down hard on them, Some places may have problems trying to send emails to/or from us to one of the blocked IP's also accessing some web sights on our system is being blocked, we will monitor for any problems.
The graph bellow does not show most of it but some.
17:00 20-Jan-2017 Office link back online, The Office is just back online and after some check-ups we found out there was multiple problems First was a faulty NBN equipment that made the outage then the upstream provider had link problems to there own systems too, down time just under 11 hours.
08:30 20-Jan-2017 Office link offline, The office main link is down since 06:10, we have contacted the upstream provider and after 30min talking to them we found there is a major Outage for the NBN (for all of N.S.W. N.B.N. customers) and it looks like the NBN will not be fixed till they think of fixing it, we are pushing the NBN to get it back A.S.A.P.
11:25 14-Jan-2017 Office server reboot, for some reason the office server just soundly rebooted,We are looking into why but all services are back online down for only 10 min for all ipv4 but ipv6 has taken over a hour to bring back online due to a scripting error that is fixed.

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