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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2019

00:01 01-Dec-2019 Nothing to report for this month.

21:00 22-Nov-2019 Office Server Software update, There was a server problem at 20:00 that took all the HDD space caused by a VM, its fixed for now and will keep a watch on any more problems.
15:20 22-Nov-2019 Office Server Software update, Main Updates finished now doing VM Updates.
19:00 21-Nov-2019 Office Server Software update, we need to do some software updates on the office server, these updates will be done Friday the 22nd (Tomorrow) from 10am, we will need to reboot the office link for these changes to work, will update when things happen.

03:01 06-Oct-2019 Daylight Savings (AEDST) is now.
12:00 05-Oct-2019 Daylight Savings starts on the 6th Oct 2019 at 2am clocks will go forward to 3am, all but a few settings on our servers will use AEDST.

00:40 22-Sep-2019 Office IPv6 back online, it took 6hr to come back, we have asked for a report into why so long and will have to wait to find out.
15:45 21-Sep-2019 Office IPv6 update, the provider has told us that there main server has stopped responding they are trying to get it back online but there main tech's don't start work till much later tonight so we just have to wait till it comes back, will give a update when we know more.
15:20 21-Sep-2019 Office IPv6 down, it looks like it is from our IPv6 provider.
16:45 13-Sep-2019 Office internet back online, After a restore that took some time due to network config, all services are back on line, main hosting not involved only office equipment.
14:00 13-Sep-2019 Office internet off line, Admin stuffed up and clicked on the wrong tick box taking down the internet.
12:15 13-Sep-2019 Office server, our office server needed to be rebooted due to a small problem, all is fixed and working new.
14:20 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power back online, NBN stayed up for the hole time.
09:00 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, It looks like the NBN may go down during this work as the power comp is working on the low voltage attached to it, time will only tell.
09:45 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Power comp finally starting to do work.
09:15 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Mains Power off, Generator started and switched, Office no running of Generator, still have to look into is the NBN FTN is powered but for now all is working great.
09:00 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Power comp is setup and power should be down any moment.
07:00 05-Sep-2019 Office mains power interruption, Or office is due to have a power outage today starting at 9am, we will update here when it happens.

14:15 27-Aug-2019 Report of a future "Power Interruption" to the office, our electricity suppler has informed us that they will be doing major power line works on the 5th Sep 2019 from 9am to 5pm, our office has backup generator but depending on the area they work on we may lose the NBN connection within a few hours and not return till they finish, we will update you on the day and how things go.
19:00 22-Aug-2019 Our Office server has had a few security updates and these required a server reboot, this only effected our office phone and internet there, all rebooted and online within 5 min.

00:01 01-Aug-2019 All but one site is completed and working like it should.

19:30 15-Jul-2019 All but one site is completed and working like it should.
17:00 15-Jul-2019 During the move we found that the new service needs to upgrade all access points and this will take time and place some wifi's our of service till its completed, each wifi is being checked for clients in use and if not then it is updated.
15:00 15-Jul-2019 We are in the stage of building a new Wifi service and once its up and running we will move services across to it.
08:00 13-Jul-2019 Our main Wifi Control Server is reporting problems with its hard drive, we are going to have to move this service in the coming days to a new server.

15:00 21-Jun-2019 We have had reports of some of our office websites not working, we looked into it and found a wearied problem in the new firewall that had blocked it when it shouldn't, this was fixed in a few min.

22:00 31-May-2019 Office server update, Its working, we have our office emails back and back to normal too, Office Phones is working like it was, Office DNS and web are back but only what was needed for now, the main websites hosted at the office are still being looked at for if we need to have them working at all now.
01:30 31-May-2019 Office server update, after much problems and ... we finally have our main server up, we was lucky that the old server was fixable (Sort of) and so we was able to get most of the files off it and onto the new server, what's working, well we have the office phones back to normal and since its late we will get the rest back in the morning.
12:00 23-May-2019 Office staff update, We have come good (Sort of) what ever was going around kicked a lot of butts but we are back and now doing onsite work in there order of bookings, sorry to all our customers.
11:00 22-May-2019 Office server update, we have ordered the replacement server and should be at the Office by Friday night, we hope to do a all weekend just to get the office sort of back to normal, we are also trying to retrieve the old files from the old server but at this stage we are not having any luck, the old server ran all the office Phones, Offsite Backup for all customers, Office email, and much more and this type of problem was not planned for as it should have never happened with what was in place and so we are now looking into extra backups of this server to make sure it will hopefully never happen again.
09:00 22-May-2019 Office problems update, What could go wrong has, our main office server has had a catastrophic failure and even took out the backup's too, we are going to need to build a new server from scratch but it gets worse, this server ran all the office and until we can build a new server the office is running on minimal services, this doesn't effect our hosted customers one bit only the office, also email replies from the office may be slow over this time as we have had to ran via a backup server and have no history emails unless we can recover them for our office server.
01:00 22-May-2019 Office problems update, we have had a failure of the main server we are trying to get it back on line before the morning.
21:30 21-May-2019 Office problems, we lost connection to the office server, looking into the problem.
10:00 13-May-2019 Office staff sick, Due to a illness there will be no physical onsite work done for any customers till further notice, all remote and phone support is still available, we are doing this for our customer's safety and don't want anyone else sick.
15:00 09-May-2019 Email Problems update, all is fixed there end and emails should start to work but warning, it may still fail for a few hours but all you can do is try and hope, if you get a unsent reply you know there DNS is still trying to recover.
13:00 09-May-2019 Email Problems Update, its taken a bit to trace down the problem but we can say now its now our side the problem, netregistry had a cloud DNS problem and any domain that used there DNS server or registry was having random outages and it did not matter where there email was going, the actual incident can be viewed by clicking here.
10:30 09-May-2019 Email Problems, some of our customers are reporting email being returned for domains they have sent to previously with no problems, we are looking into the problem.

09:45 04-Apr-2019 Office power outage, the office lost power for only a short time but we are happy to have the new batteries in as all stayed online and for the time it was down the backup generator did not need to start.
17:40 03-Apr-2019 Office online, the 15:30 and 16:00 came back before we could find out what happen, but at 17:15 we decided to do a hard off and re-seating of all lines on the NBN modem while it was down again, this has fixed any modem problems and looks to be working well too.
17:15 03-Apr-2019 Office offline again, still looking into the problem.
16:00 03-Apr-2019 Office offline again, still looking into the problem.
15:30 03-Apr-2019 Office offline, looking into it.
14:00 03-Apr-2019 Office all back online, took a bit longer for the NBN to return this time but all is back now, we will monitor the servers for any problems from this outage but for now all looks good.
13:15 03-Apr-2019 Office UPS problems, hole office offline now due to UPS battery replacement.
09:00 03-Apr-2019 Office UPS problems, We will have to take the servers at the office offline for about 1hr while we replace the batteries we hope to do this around 1pm today.
02:00 03-Apr-2019 Office back on line, the main UPS failed and with the backup one down too this took out the hole server rack in the Office, Customer Website & Emails was not effected as this is hosted off site and only backup to the office.
01:00 03-Apr-2019 Office problems, power back but servers are taking there time to come back online.
00:30 03-Apr-2019 Office problems, we lost power to our hole server rack looking into it.

10:30 30-Mar-2019 Office UPS problems, one of our backup UPS has failed during a test, we have got new batteries coming and once arrived we will take that ups off line for a battery replacement, no downtime for main office during it.
11:00 24-Mar-2019 Office main server update, all is working fine for now, still no reason for a auto reboot but server had been up for 598 days without a reboot.
02:30 24-Mar-2019 Office main server & phones back online, still looking into the problem but for some reason the server just rebooted at 23:25, most services was back by 01:30 but a few services failed to restart and took some time to get them to start.
23:25 23-Mar-2019 Office main server down, this includes the office phones, Looking into the problem.
11:15 22-Mar-2019 Office is back on mains power.
10:20 22-Mar-2019 Due to storms and other factors the office is running on generator for now, Please take note, long power outages of 4 Hr or more can take out the internet to the office too and this includes phones (Thats the NBN for you).

16:00 11-Feb-2019 We have made changes to our SPF, DKM & DMARC for all domains, if our customers are having any problems with any of there emails then please call our office ASAP.
10:00 04-Feb-2019 Over the coming week we are changing some DNS settings, these settings are to help with Spam coming in and going out, More to follow.

00:01 01-Jan-2019 No problems to report this month.

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