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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2007

10:45 11-Dec-2007 Test finished and all worked, the test lasted 10 min.
10:00 11-Dec-2007 We wish to announce that we are doing a U.P.S. test at 10:30 today, we have a back up linked if there is a problem with the test, this test is only being done in the daytime so we can watch if there is a problem, the test will last no longer then 30min, if we have a problem we will have the service back on line within 5 min.
15:30 07-Dec-2007 Main Link Back On Line, and configured, looks like the problem was with the main link, had all sites checked and every thing is back on line and running.
15:00 07-Dec-2007 We are going to do a hard rest the main link, we hope this fixes the problem.
12:00 04-Dec-2007 We are still trying to trace the problem with web sites, No ETA at this stage.
12:00 03-Dec-2007 There has been reports that some web sites are not downloading, or take a while to download, we are looking into the problem.
09:00 02-Dec-2007 Haddow Internet are seeing problems with Telstra and Bigpond e-mail, the problems are in both directions, People who are sending emails via Telstra or Bigpond to one of the domains hosted by Haddow Internet (we are not seeing a try from the T/B servers some times up to 5hr after it was sent), and People with a Telstra or Bigpond account are not seeing emails from Haddow Internet servers for any thing up to 1 day, H.I. Logs see the Telstra and Bigpond servers are stating "stat=Deferred: 421 Message rejected" but no body at Telstra and Bigpond services are telling us why, we are trying to get them to fix there problems ( No ETA ).

11:00 30-Nov-2007 Main link Back on line, still waiting for a report about the problem.
08:30 30-Nov-2007 Main link still down, there is a wide spread outage in NSW, but they are trying to trace the problem, (The problem (To H.I.) looks like it is in Sydney Data Center.
02:31 30-Nov-2007 Main link down, looking into it.
10:12 28-Nov-2007 Main link back on line, all services have been changes to work with the new link, but it may take up to 24 hr for all services to back to as normal.
10:08 28-Nov-2007 Main Link down, to fix some changes.
09:30 28-Nov-2007 Main link on line, but there are problems, which will take it down again for about 5 min.
08:26 28-Nov-2007 Main Link down, this is due to a change in providers, will be back on line with in 1hr.
11:14 21-Nov-2007 Attention to all H.I. customers, H.I. is changing providers for the main like, this means a few good things; 1. faster connection to view web sites, 2. Faster emails to and from. BUT there is one down side, all web & email may be down for a few days, we are trying to use the back up link to fix Emails but web will be down, we have been told I is only meant to take 1hr but could take up to 4 days, we have put the change down for the 28 of Nov 2007, Haddow Internet is sorry for any inconveniences.

00:01 01-Oct-2007 Nothing to report for this month.

08:17 12-Sep-2007 Main Link back on line, Problem at the hole sale end, they are investigating the reason why.
01:34 12-Sep-2007 Main Link down looking into it.
08:40 07-Sep-2007 Main Link back on line, modem needed a power reboot, unknown why it crashed.
22:52 07-Sep-2007 Main Link down again.
10:45 06-Sep-2007 Main Link back on line, a cable laying company had cut into about 20 phone lines and needed to rejoin them, becuse of this problem the modem froze requiring a staff member on site to reboot the modem.
09:01 06-Sep-2007 Main Link down, Looking into it.
19:55 05-Sep-2007 Main Link back on line.
19:49 05-Sep-2007 Main Link down, changing back to the main adsl.
18:10 05-Sep-2007 Main Link back on line with the new adsl modem.
17:56 05-Sep-2007 Main Link down, we are testing a new ADSL modem.
17:00 05-Sep-2007 Haddow Internet main link will be down twice tonight to test a new adsl, we are looking at doing the first one around 18:00.

19:45 29-Aug-2007 H.I. back on line, all services back up.
19:30 29-Aug-2007 H.I. services down, due to a UPS Install.
17:00 29-Aug-2007 UPS will be installed at 19:30 today, this requires a all server & services shut down.
12:00 28-Aug-2007 H.I. has acquired another ups for the site, as soon as it is at the site it will be installed, this requires a all server & services shut down
23:43 20-Aug-2007 Main Link back on line, this time it was the local dslam rebooting
23:34 20-Aug-2007 Main Link Down again.
22:01 20-Aug-2007 Main Link back on line, Word from Sydney was (Emergency shutdown of the Sydney LNS required to replace faulty flash memory module).
21:19 20-Aug-2007 Main Link down, Looking into it.

10:15 10-Jul-2007 Main Link back on line, we are having a big e-mail attack and are trying to stop it.
21:04 09-Jul-2007 Main link down, it was turned off due to a mail attack.
08:25 09-Jul-2007 Main web server back on line, the server had a mail attack.
06:05 09-Jul-2007 Haddow Internet Main web & mail server down looking into it.

15:20 28-Jun-2007 Haddow internet will have to down the main web & mail server for about 10min to replace the fan, this will be done soon.
15:00 28-Jun-2007 Main Web & mail server went down for 5 min, problem with a fan on it.
18:25 21-Jun-2007 Atkinsonet adsl back on line, problem with the adsl freezing up, modem power cycled.
14:45 21-Jun-2007 Atkinsonet adsl down again, looking into it.
11:15 21-Jun-2007 Atkinsonet adsl back on line.
10:00 21-Jun-2007 Atkinsonet adsl down.
09:45 17-Jun-2007 Main Link back on line, Modem needed a reboot to reconnect.
02:26 17-Jun-2007 Main Link Down, Running on backup link for now.
11:20 02-Jun-2007 Main Link has been up & down for the last 3hr, we have traced the problem back to the dsl modem was getting a lot of DNS request, causing the dsl to hang, we have fixed the problem.
08:47 02-Jun-2007 Main Link back on line, the modem needed a reboot.
00:40 02-Jun-2007 Main link down.

13:30 28-May-2007 Westnet has reported: Due to urgent scheduled work some Broadband ADSL customers in New South Wales may experience connection difficulties for a period of up to one hour between 3:00am and 5:00am EST commencing tomorrow morning, Tuesday the 29th of May, 2007. To re-obtain a connection to the internet after the completion of this work, some customers may need to turn off their ADSL modems for a brief period, before powering them back on.
06:46 26-May-2007 Main Link Back On Line, Looks like the modem has frozen up, requiring a staff member to reboot it.
01:09 26-May-2007 H.I. Main Link Down, looking into it.
12:15 25-May-2007 H.I. back on line, Link down for 10 min.
09:30 25-May-2007 The ADSL Wholesale has announced that they will have to reboot the LNS in Sydney, this will take down the link for max 15min, they clame it will be done at 12:00 today, this reboot is due to some changes that have been done to the LNS to help kill all stalled pppoe sessions.
08:32 19-May-2007 H.I. back on line, there was a problem in Sydney that did not allow the dsl to log back on line for 3hr.
05:30 19-May-2007 Due to a power problem in Wodonga West, we were taken offline.
13:10 16-May-2007 All back up and now working like it should have been months ago.
12:30 16-May-2007 We have had a report that there will be some rerouting done up in Sydney starting at 12:45 and should take no more then 15min.
08:21 16-May-2007 Main Link back on line, The adsl modem needed a reboot, staff were sleeping and did not hear the alarms till 08:15.
03:44 16-May-2007 Main Link Down AGAIN, OMG.
01:45 16-May-2007 Main Link back on line, Looks like it was a wide spread problem.
01:32 16-May-2007 Main Link down, looking into it.
14:30 14-May-2007 Main Link back on line, the sods in Sydney did some reconfiguring up there, they clam now that they will not have to do any more ( We can only see ).
13:32 14-May-2007 Sydney has done it again, Main Link Down AGAIN, the pr*%$s in Sydney decided to change some settings again, but again they did not tell us they were doing this, hope to be back on line ASAP.
18:16 11-May-2007 Main Link back on line, Problem was in Sydney again, (some one) was told NOT to touch anything up there on a Friday, but they new best.
17:30 11-May-2007 Main Link Down Again, we are looking into a new suppler because of these problems.
00:18 05-May-2007 Main Link back on line.
00:07 05-May-2007 Main Link Down again, this time the problem is at the Phone Exchange, Telstra are upgrading the DSL.
12:21 03-May-2007 Main Link Back on line, problem in Sydney.
09:50 03-May-2007 Main Link down again.
11:05 01-May-2007 Main link back on line.
10:50 01-May-2007 Main Link down looking into the problem.

16:00 24-Apr-2007 Update, they have found the problem & are fixing it, but some fixes are causing other problems, the problem has been reported as "FIX IT NOW".
08:00 24-Apr-2007 Problems in Sydney & Brisbane causing all dsl & dial up to go down & some time not allowing them to come back on line, The problem stated about 1750 yesterday, every person is on the case to trace the problem & fix it ASAP.
21:00 15-Apr-2007 Main Link back on line, Telstra did a remote reboot of the dslam as they clam there was a problem with it.
20:50 15-Apr-2007 Main Link down, Looks like a problem at the Phone Exchange, as the dslam light is out.
14:00 11-Apr-2007 ALL BACK ON LINE, All the problems at this stage are fixed.
15:15 10-Apr-2007 With changes in routing at the associates router has all of there web sites back on line, when there dsl is moved some changes will need to be done, as now most of the traffic is going out the expensive telsux link.
13:15 10-Apr-2007 One of the company's associated with Haddow Internet has had problems with the change there dsl is down and is not coming back on line, we hope to have it fixed ASAP.
13:10 10-Apr-2007 All DNS records have been changed, and we hope to have all services back online now. We are talking to the provider to find out why we were not told of this.
12:20 10-Apr-2007 Link back on line, BUT for some reason the provider of the link to Haddow Internet has changed its dsl wholesale provider, we had not been told of this change and are in the stage of updating all dns records, as we now have a new IP address.
12:10 10-Apr-2007 Haddow Internet main link is down, looking into it.

04:05 29-Mar-2007 Haddow Internet is back on line, but most of the other dsl are down, you will need to power cycle your modem.
04:00 29-Mar-2007 All ADSL are down in Albury/Wodonga, Haddow Internet main link is down too, We are trying to find out what is happening.
03:10 29-Mar-2007 Some ADSL have gone down, H.I. is looking into it.
20:20 07-Mar-2007 Haddow Internet back on line, all the services came back on line, but a fault with the ups, this fault has stopped the ups from working, we are trying to obtain another ups from another company ASAP. This will mean the servers will have to go down for about 10min when the replacement ups arrives.
20:20 23-Mar-2007 Haddow Internet will be offline on 24-March-2007 for about 1 to 2 Hr. This is so the servers can be moved to a new location in the server room. This will happen at about 15:00
20:20 07-Mar-2007 We are now back on the old link, after a lot of problems, we are still testing to make sure all the services are back on line.
18:20 07-Mar-2007 We are having problems with the new link, we hope to have to OLD (Working) one back up & running with in 1 hr.
14:00 07-Mar-2007 H.I. wish to announce that at 17:30 we will down the main link to test a new link.

13:20 21-Feb-2007 Atkinsonet dsl down again, looks like a server problem at the dsl.
11:50 20-Feb-2007 All back on line, the problem seems to be at AAPT, we are looking into it more.
11:35 20-Feb-2007 Some dsl are down, we are looking into the problem.
04:07 14-Feb-2007 Haddow Internet main link back on line, it looks like the problem was in the Sydney D.C. we are tracing the problem further.
02:47 14-Feb-2007 Haddow Internet main link down looking into it.
19:00 10-Feb-2007 Atkinsonet dsl back on line.
16:40 10-Feb-2007 Atkinsonet dsl down again, looks like a server problem at the dsl.
08:05 08-Feb-2007 Atkinsonet dsl back on line.
21:20 07-Feb-2007 Atkinsonet dsl is down, Looking into it.

20:45 30-Jan-2007 Westnet have reported: Due to an issue with a third party provider, ADSL customers and Dialup customers have experienced connection difficulties. ADSL customers were able to reconnect at 2:35pm EDT after the cause of the outage was identified and steps taken to resolve the issue.
14:35 30-Jan-2007 All dsl's back on line, still looking into the problem.
13:45 30-Jan-2007 All dsl's with Westnet are down, we have tried to contact Westnet but all lines are busy, it looks like there are some routing problems in Sydney to there LNS, we are looking into it more, hope to have all the dsl's back on line ASAP. (This may be affecting some dial up's as well)
10:30 16-Jan-2007 Due to the last problem, the web server was very slow, it had about 200 processes of the same program trying to run, the only way to fix it was to reboot the server. All is back on line & we hope not to ever have this problem again.
10:00 16-Jan-2007 At 04:00 one of Haddow Internet on site server had a mbuffer problem, this took out its self and most of the functions on the main web server out, the server needed a reboot to fix the problem.

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