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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2010

16:45 03-Dec-2010 Aus Server2 back on line, the name server had some problems that was making other problems.
14:20 03-Dec-2010 Aus Server2 Back on line, it requierd a reboot, but there is still some problems with the server and we hope to have it all fixed ASAP, all office main lins down too.
14:11 03-Dec-2010 Aus Server2 down.

13:11 17-Nov-2010 Aus Server2 Back on line, there was a internal routing problem at the server, All fix now.
12:57 17-Nov-2010 Aus Server2 down, Link is stil up, we are looking into the problem.

05:00 03-Oct-2010 Daylight savings started in Australia, so at 2am AEST all clocks went to 3am AEDT

23:25 03-Sep-2010 Aus server back online, Tech was working on a patch and for some reasion the server just rebooted, we will keep a watch on the server..
22:55 03-Sep-2010 Aus server down.

00:01 01-Aug-2010 Nothing to report for this month yet.

13:01 31-Jul-2010 Due to some problems, Server2 link was down for 4 min. All is fixed.

04:30 26-Jun-2010 Server2 rebooted for some reasion, all back on line, was down for about 3min max, We are trying to trace down what caused it.
09:00 19-Jun-2010 We had be told that Server1 and Core.router1 will be on generator from 15:00 to 21:00 on the 24/06/10 due to power maintenance, we expect no problems..
12:15 08-Jun-2010 Server4 is back on line, there may be still some up and down of the link for a few more hours.
10:50 07-Jun-2010 Core router 4 is back on line, Server 4 still down, but may go down and up a few time over the next few hours.
Report: Power was lost to the whole rack, when power was restored the core router did not have any VLAN config in it, this meant that every VLAN had to be reconfiged in the router, which does take time.
23:45 07-Jun-2010 Server4 and core router 4 is down, looking into the problem.
20:15 07-Jun-2010 We have traced down the problem, that caused the server to stop responding, the server it self was working but there was some DNS problems that needed to be fixe at 3 sites, we have fixed the problem and hope it wont happen again, all services on the server should return to normal with in 1hr MAX.
17:50 07-Jun-2010 Main server was not responding, requiering a reboot, down for 5 min.

18:00 25-May-2010 We have moved all services and tested every thing, server will be shut down at 22:00 tonight.
16:00 24-May-2010 The Voip/DNS server is being decommissioned over the next few days, all services are being moved to other servers, most customers will not see any problems.
16:10 03-May-2010 The server's hdd was in A1 so found a close to working case and after a few fix ups and a change to the start up script, all back online, but we will be upgrading the server to a newer system & software ASAP.
08:00 03-May-2010 The Voip/DNS server has packed it in, it will not even boot the bios, we are trying to get a replacement ASAP. All other systems are up and running and we hope to have the problem server working by the end of day.

16:30 30-Apr-2010 Mains power to Server2 back on line.
15:53 30-Apr-2010 Mains power to Server2 still down, now running off Generator.
15:49 30-Apr-2010 Mains power to Server2 down, Running on battery backup for now.
19:00 18-Apr-2010 Looks like they have fixed the lag problems now.
15:07 18-Apr-2010 All back on line but there is still a large lag of packets, it looks like a telstra core router is the problem.
14:07 18-Apr-2010 One of the core routers are down in Sydney, this means all access to some Aust systems and Server2 is not accessable at this time, we are looking into the problem.
20:10 07-Apr-2010 Some web sites hosted by H.I. was down for 15min, this was due to a problem from a spamer that found a hole in one of the sites, that has now been fix, and we hope it never happens again.
12:00 02-Apr-2010 Daylight Savings ends tonight at 0300 set you clocks back 1 hr.
14:00 01-Apr-2010 Update: We have recived a update from the power supply company: "The crew were about to replace an 22000V AC Crossarm while keeping the supply on, but it was in so bad a condition, they had to take the supply off for safety reasons."
13:20 01-Apr-2010 Mains power to Server2 back on line.
13:00 01-Apr-2010 Mains power to Server2 down, Running on battery backup for now.

09:00 31-Mar-2010 We are seeing problems to the Server2 over the last 4 days, the problem happens all most the same time every day around 0700 to 0800, it is not causing big problems and we are still trying to find out what is causing it.
Update: the main Up Stream Provider has been contacted and is looking into it.
09:00 12-Mar-2010 We have a report that there will be some Maintenance on the link to server2 from time frame of 0200 to 0300 on the 13-Mar-2010, we don't think there will be any problem from it, if the link does go down it should return with in 30min.

18:00 26-Feb-2010 Due to internal problems we had to replace the internal network switch on server2 causing a downtime of 2 min, all went well with no visible problems, effecting DNS, Mail, Web & File servers all these server are backup servers.
10:00 20-Feb-2010 There was a script upgrade for the webstats last night, but we run into a problem and it miss placed all the history, the files were there but the log did not see them, after 4hr of going through each stats and fixing them all back up and running.
09:00 12-Feb-2010 Maintenance from Level3 went with out a problem (that we could see).
10:00 08-Feb-2010 We have recived a Maintenance notice for Server1 link, the Upstream provider will be performing maintenance on their Level3 connection. This work will be done around 10:00 to 1200 UTC on the 11 Feb 2010. We do not anticipate any loss of connectivity.

06:00 29-Jan-2010 All went well, we saw 2 down times but all came back on line with no problems.
11:00 26-Jan-2010 We have a report from the main up stream provider in USA that there will be Network Mainteance work done on the 28 of Jan 2010 around 11:00 - 12:00 UTC time.
This means there will be a few down times to H.I. servers. Web, mail(Main) pop3, and dns(Main) will be down duing this time, Mail(backup), dns(backup), fax gateway and Voip will still be up and running.

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