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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2020


07:00 18-Dec-2020

Office Internet Update, We are still waiting for updates but also see there is more lag on the traffic, we are monitoring the link for any changes.

04:30 18-Dec-2020

Office Internet back online, still waiting for a update from NBN as to why this happened, but all back online and working.

04:06 18-Dec-2020

Office Internet down again, we see we have the same problem, logs are sent and waiting for reason for outage .

17:40 16-Dec-2020

Office Internet Back online, NBN is looking into there side and our upstream provider too as it looks like the hole NBN box rebooted without warning as our hole area was down for 35 min.

17:10 16-Dec-2020

Office Internet Down Update, Our nbn connection can not connect to the NBN at all, its stating the NBN in not there what so ever but doing a line check we see that the NBN box is there just no power.

17:06 16-Dec-2020

Office Internet Down, Our Main Link is down, Looking into the problem.

11:15 15-Dec-2020

Office Link, We are planing a upgrade of the router software and due to a snapshot of the router the internet went down for 15 min to the office, this efected our phone as well, all back online and working.

22:15 14-Dec-2020

Main Server B.O.L, Upstream is still looking into the problem but has got the web interface back up and running, we are monitering our end for any problems too.

21:20 14-Dec-2020

Main Server Update, the server is up but not responding to web traphic, contact was made to upstream and they are looking into the problem.

21:15 14-Dec-2020

Main Server, We have had a report that our main server is down, we are looking into it.

12:00 23-Nov-2020

Office Generator (Update), The problem with its starting came down to a bolt on the battery terminal, tho the battery will be replaced before winter 2021 as its over 10 years old now, its still working strong.

11:45 23-Nov-2020

Office Mains Power (Back Online), Our office is back on mains tho much of the area is still down.

11:20 23-Nov-2020

Office Mains Power (Update), This is a wide spread power outage caused by storms in the area, there is over 26,000 buildings in 66 Towns without power.

11:15 23-Nov-2020

Office Mains Power (Update), Our office generator did not start, we found a battery problem but got the generator to start and so the office is on gen power for now.

11:10 23-Nov-2020

Office Mains Power, Our office has lost mains power.

10:00 06-Oct-2020

Network Stats: Update from we found a small "referrer" glitch on Android's Chrome web browser, well things have changed and no one was told, We got a update from a google person and found they and many others are changing there settings
The Link to google's new Referrer Policy is here
Link to Web.dev Referrer Best Practices is here.
We have now implemented the right settings on our status page and are working on the other pages.

09:00 06-Oct-2020

Network Stats Not showing: We found a small "referrer" glitch on Android's Chrome web browser which was not the graphical stats to our network page, we have added our comment to others that have also reported the same problem on there pages to the Chrome browser designer page, but in the short time we have a workaround for the problem so the stats are back,
This problem is only in the current Android's Chrome web browser and no others

07:45 16-Sep-2020

Office Network Update, We found one setting on the master server was not set and so one of the VM's (Wifi Server) was not online since the reboot yesterday, all up and working as should.

17:40 15-Sep-2020

Office network Update, Network switch upgrade finished, finally fixed the settings, for some reason the new switch was not doing vlan's as said and needed another setting set for the internet side to fix the vlan settings that was needed.

16:30 15-Sep-2020

Office network Update, Network switch upgrade didn't go as planed, we had problems with vlan's on the internet side so we had to revert the internet side back to default settings for now this also meant the server needed a reboot to fix some settings, we are looking into why it didn't work and may take the network down again.

13:00 15-Sep-2020

Office network upgrade, Our office will be down for about 10 min during a Network switch upgrade from about 3pm.

10:25 08-Sep-2020

Office Power Back Online, Outage was almost 2 full hours.

09:00 08-Sep-2020

Office Power Update, there is a wide spread outage in the area (The hole NE Vic) the power company as marked down there is high winds and it took out the mains, our office has a clear day so more looking into it.

08:35 08-Sep-2020

Office Power is down, Looking into the problem, Site is on generator backup for now.

11:00 14-Aug-2020

Office Internet Update, We did not get any notification of when support was going to come but at 8am they turned up, it took then 2.5H to fix the office line, They had changed pairs from fttn to corner, then from corner to next junction, then Junction to pole, so 3 big changes, the corner pit has many problems tho, Modem came back online at 10:38, total outeges to now (for Aug Only) is 66.

10:00 13-Aug-2020

Office Internet, We are seeing some crazy outages again, Upstream is checking there end but I already know it is water in the pit problem due to noise on the line, Its been reported and we hope to have it fixed one day if they pull there finger out and report it as a fault, will update when things change.

00:00 07-Aug-2020

NSW Onsite work, NSW Government has changed there permit system and is not allowing any Victorians into NSW (Border work is still permitted for now but not easy) so we are NOW only doing support over the Phone and Internet for all of NSW, we are going to do the same for all of Victoria too as this virus can spread easy and so we are going to protect us all.

12:00 06-Aug-2020

Office Internet, We are seeing some crazy outages over the last few days on our main office nbn link, we are trying to trace down the problem and this may take some time, we will keep you updated.

12:00 03-Aug-2020

Covid update, due to changes by the Vic Government restrictions have change, all of Vic is in Stage 3 and Melbourne is in Stage 4, More info about our services during this time is listed in our Covied-19 Work link.

12:00 25-Jul-2020

Netstatus Graphs, we are seeing long pings to Quad 9, talking to them they have traced it back to several ISP not updating BGP to use the local servers, then talking to our upstream they clame its not there problem, but all there customers have this problem but there own servers don't and they can see this, we are still trying to make them update there side to fix this but it could take months, will keep you updated.

16:00 24-Jul-2020

New Netstatus Graphs, we now have up new Graphs on our netstatus page, these are fetched from our office to display and so at times when the office is down or a office server has a problem then the images will not displayed.

12:00 20-Jul-2020

NSW Border Closure update, NSW Gov is locking down the border more again (& for no reason) from midnight on the 22-Jul-2020, we will have the permits but take note that we will do most services remotely.

23:00 07-Jul-2020

Melbourne stage 3 lock-downs, Due to the Vic Government issuing Stage 3 lock-downs again but only in Melbourne and its suburbs we have taken the hard line and only doing Phone/Internet support for our customers there, If we have to attend a site in the lock-down areas then it may impact our other customers as by law we must self-isolate for 14 days after it.

22:50 07-Jul-2020

NSW Border Closure update, we have the permits in but take note we will protect our self and social distance at all times, Please also note: any places demanding we use there hand sanitisers will be refused service, we can not touch the products due to problems and so we have our own equipment and use it before we attend a site.

11:00 06-Jul-2020

NSW Border closure, as most have heard the NSW government is going to close the border of Vic/NSW from 12:01am on the 8th Jul 2020, this closure will be for some time, We are in the stage of getting permits as we cover most of Southern NSW and All of Victoria, more Info to come.

08:00 18-Jun-2020

Office Main Server problems, our wireless contorler os for some reasion did not like the crash yesterday and it will not recover so we are in the stage of upgrading it, this will take time and we will up date you when its back on line.

16:00 17-Jun-2020

Office Main Server problems, Our main server crashed, we are still looking into why it happen but it looks like it was due to a setting change on the firewall, the fire wall kept crashing for some time till we revirted back to settings before the changes, server and firewall was down for almost a hole hour, all is back and running like it should for now.

12:50 02-Jun-2020

Some parts of Albury was without power for 2hr, Power is back online, there is a report on the problem.

11:50 22-May-2020

Office mains power back online, The maintance man compleated the job early.

08:10 22-May-2020

Office mains power down, there is mains work down the road, Office is on Generator till mains comes back.

15:30 21-May-2020

Office Internet Update, we have changed the dns back to the office and all is back up and running, we will still monnitor the link for problems.

14:15 21-May-2020

Office Internet Update, NBN Tech turn up 12:45 left returned several times then the office was back online, he found many problems and fixed them, office is back online and has the right IP address.

18:00 19-May-2020

Office Internet Update, upstream has another booking for me, Thursday 21st May 2020 from 13:00 - 17:00, we will see if he turns up this time.

17:30 19-May-2020

Office Internet Update, NBN Tech failed to turn up, called upstream to find out NBN claim it's a big problem and is looking into it, that still doesn't get the office internet fixed for a 30sec repair, I actually know what the problem is and where it is but no I am just a customer don't know what I am talking about (well that's how it fills to me).

08:00 19-May-2020

Office Internet Update, NBN are ment to be on-site today some time after lunch, will update of its outcome.

08:00 18-May-2020

Office Internet Update, nbn still stuffed and won't be fixed anytime soon, the NBN.

08:00 17-May-2020

Office Internet Update, nbn still stuffed and won't be fixed anytime soon, the NBN.

13:17 16-May-2020

Office Internet Update, called upstream again, they was not happy the tech didn't fix the office one, more to come in the report.

12:20 16-May-2020

Office Internet Update, NBN Tech working on pole, found out he was there for another house only, he only touch one pair and now our office nbn is really stuffed as now we have a Telstra ip, more in a report to come.

11:09 16-May-2020

Office Internet Update, called upstream and they have now logged a fault with nbn, been told it will be Tuesday before they touch it.

15:25 14-May-2020

Office Internet Update, Yep Office down again.

12:30 14-May-2020

Office Mains Power, We have recived another notice of Power Interruption for our site, this time it should just be power, and this will be on the 22 May 2020 from 8:00 - 15:00.

05:05 14-May-2020

Office internet Update, Office back online for now will keep monitoring things.

04:55 14-May-2020

Office internet Update, Office down again.

20:03 13-May-2020

Office internet Update, Office back online for now will keep monitoring things.

17:15 13-May-2020

Office internet Update, Office internet is down yet again, they clame there is a planed service outage and so they can't do anything, NBN clame the work was to be done from the 13th May 2020 7:00 to the 15 May 2020 19:00 and it will only be down for 1h30m Max, My falut started yesterday before the Planned outage and has been offline for over 17Hr total now and counting.

11:20 13-May-2020

Office internet Update, Office back online for now will keep monitoring things.

08:30 13-May-2020

Office Internet Update, its NBN problems, since the men worked on the power pole the office internet has had problems, as stated bellow, after a talk to upstream they can see there is a problem and now NBN clames there is a reported problem in the area, No eta on when it will be fixed, for my side of things there was no problem till the NBN test cut the phone lines yesterday at 07:30, I also think when he reconnected me he cross joined the office to another line as the fault I see is that, Not Happy thats for sure.

07:30 13-May-2020

Office internet Update, Modem rebooted now the waiting game.

23:05 12-May-2020

Office Internet Offline, again the office internet is offline, the modem again has been assigned a telstra IP.

20:25 12-May-2020

Office Internet Back Online, some how our office got connected to a telstra IP address but no data, after a reboot and a long time wait the modem reconnected with the right IP.

19:40 12-May-2020

Office Internet problems, looking into the problem.

14:30 12-May-2020

Mains Office Back online, Power was restored to mains without a problem.

13:30 12-May-2020

Office internet back online, Office internet is back online tho it did have trubles, they reconected the line at 12:45 but server would not sync to the line, had to change the cable polarity around and it came back up, now just waiting for the power to be restored.

08:30 12-May-2020

Mains Office power down, Office is on generator but no internet for now, We have redirected phones to other numbers for now.

07:30 12-May-2020

Office internet is down, workman have cut the phone line coming to the office in Prep of a pole replacement, we wasn't told this pole was going to be worked on and informed the person we are a business and NBN didn't tell us, WE ARE NOT HAPPY.

09:00 01-May-2020

Mains Office power outage, We have received notice that the mains power to the office will be offline on the 12th May 2020 from 8:30am to 3:30pm (Weather permitting), our Office will be running on Generator during this time, we also hope that the NBN stays up but NBN can't tell us if the Local FTTN will have power during this time, we will update during it and if any problems arise.

17:17 16-Apr-2020

Office Server Update, The update didn't go as planed, had to roll back but the main security updates have been done.

15:00 16-Apr-2020

Office Server Update, Our server has started its upgrade, will report back when its finished and if any problems, This is just a software update and may take some time.

14:00 10-Apr-2020

Office Server work, to keep up to date we are upgrading our main office server, this will only efect the office and its phones, the update will happen on Thursdat the 16th from 15:00.

11:00 02-Apr-2020

Email Spam settings update, we have changed the settings and had to clean out some Spam Folders that was almost Maxed out already, Please check your spam folder or if you don't want the folder (For your domain) then contact our office and we will remove the folder outright, but remember some of the emails you may be waiting for could be in the spam folder, if you have any emails not coming in to you then please contact our office and we will look into why and depending on the email we may be able to allow that email to bypass the spam settings, also if you have any problem then please contact us to look into it as we are still open for business.

10:00 01-Apr-2020

To all our Email Hosting customers, we have seen over the last 3 weeks a HIGH level of Spam, Our Spam controls are blocking 80% of these but we are looking at blocking more so tomorrow the 2nd of April we will adjust the settings tighter, this will place all spam in your "Spam Folder" that doesn't breach the max spam score, if the email breaches this max spam score then it will just be deleted, the only problem is then your Spam Folder will add up quickly if you don't delete them and this will also add to your maximum user disk limit, people that only use pop3 will not see the spam folder and will have to log in to there account once in a while via there webmail to clean out the spam folder, people that use imap will not have this problem as the spam folder will be there in there email folders.

14:00 18-Mar-2020

COVID-19, Our Office is operating as normal but we have implemented some new things,
1. Where possible support will be via Phone or Internet
2. When onsite, We may ask a few health questions before we enter.
3. We will keep our distance from our customers and most of the time use our own equipment to limit touching the customers equipment.
4. For our health we can't use your hand sanitizer and have our own equipment to protect us, sites that demand we use there's will be refused service outright.
We hope our customers understand this.

10:45 20-Feb-2020 Office power problems, Update, It looks like the controller that runs our backup and ATS has failed and so we have had to order a new one, the big problem is it will take a few months to come due to problems over seas, Office has UPS and for now manual Generator backup.
10:20 20-Feb-2020 Office power problems, for some reason our office backup generator has started, we are looking into the problem.
16:00 17-Feb-2020 Office Temporary Closure, please take note, from Saturday the 22nd of Feb 2020 our office will be closed and not reopen till Monday the 9th of March 2020, there still will be emergency work available and some on call work, also accounts wont go out till the Monday 2nd of March, this closure is do to a large booking the manager has over this time, People can still call the office during the closure and leave a message and we will get to it ASAP.

21:30 07-Jan-2020 Office servers, All updated and rebooted, all VM's back online.
21:15 07-Jan-2020 Office servers, Our Office server needs a update and reboot to enable better security, so we are starting it right away.

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