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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2015

13:40 15-Dec-2015 Main Server back online, all looks fine.
13:10 15-Dec-2015 Main Server is offline, should be back within a hour.
10:05 14-Dec-2015 We have been told the Main Server will be off line for up to 1hr, from 13:00 on the 15-Dec-2015, this is due to a major software fix on core equipment where the server is hosted. We will watch the server during the down time to make sure all services come back normal.

00:01 01-Nov-2015 Nothing to report for this month.

00:01 01-Oct-2015 Nothing to report for this month.

20:05 20-Sep-2015 Main server stats error, we saw a error on the stats and traced it to a file fault, all fixed for now.
16:45 20-Sep-2015 Main server back online, they did the update with out telling us they were doing it.
16:15 20-Sep-2015 Main server down, we are looking into the problem.
14:05 19-Sep-2015 We have been told, there needs to be a software update run on the hosting server, This effects the main web server, they have not given a time or date yet.

00:01 01-Sep-2015 Nothing to report for this month.

20:00 31-Aug-2015 Mail servers have been done and working, Any customer having problems accessing there mail, your mail program may be out of date and needs a upgrade, Under the new laws for SSL issuing all devices must support tls and 256bit minimal.
19:00 31-Aug-2015 Web-services are now using the new SSL, mail access will be next.
16:00 31-Aug-2015 We are upgrading the SSL cripto on the servers over the next few hours, This is to help protect the servers from attacks, All services that use the SSL may go down for up to 10 min, but we are doing one service at a time, then testing to make sure it works.
10:00 18-Aug-2015 Owner's Phone problems Update, phone is back and working (For now) It looks like one of there software updates on there system played havoc to some mobile accounts.
The phone its self has been up and down on the network, all calls that got though were showing as silent numbers even when they were not, so my phone blocked then out right.
The phone could not make any calls, it claimed the account was closed, also no SMS were being received or sent.
11:05 14-Aug-2015 Owner's Phone problems Update, After a push the phone company is looking into the problem there is no ETA yet.
12:05 12-Aug-2015 Owner's Phone is having problems, for support call the main office lines and if not answered leave a detailed message, we will get back to you ASAP.

12:00 29-Jul-2015 Office Link Slow, we have had to slow the office link for the next few days to help stop the Ddos attacks, We will look at things in a few days and see how things are going.
20:05 03-Jul-2015 Main Server link back to normal, still waiting on report about the problem.
19:05 03-Jul-2015 Main Server is seeing traffic problems from the core router, We have reported this to the provider and they are looking into the problem, The link is loosing packets some times.
19:00 02-Jul-2015 We are blocking all access from " to" Owned by "Amazon Technologies Inc" the company refuses to block there spammers so all access from any of there ip's listed are blocked.
16:50 02-Jul-2015 Main Server back online, there has been a router crash in the data centre and the backup did not pickup the traffic, the Data centre is looking into the problem.
16:30 02-Jul-2015 Main server offline, looking into the problem.
09:00 02-Jul-2015 Main Server back online, there has been a DDos attack on several routers in the data centre and causing them to crash.
06:00 02-Jul-2015 Main server is slow to traffic, looking into the problem.
10:30 01-Jul-2015 All Back online, non of Haddow Internet services were affected, it was routers that use the time server as sync on optic fiber, at 23:59:59 the clocks jumped 1 sec in leap-time and turned of the fiber sync, once the router was rebooted and time turned off, all services came back online.
10:00 01-Jul-2015 Some sites are offline, looking into the problem.

14:30 01-Jun-2015 Nothing to report for this month.

14:30 06-May-2015 Main server back online, it is reported that some how the network cable had came out of the server, (We are demanding a full report on how this can happen).
14:05 06-May-2015 Main server down looking into the problem.

00:01 01-Apr-2015 Nothing to report for this month.

17:30 11-Mar-2015 Office Main Link Update, The link is back on line, still looking into what happen to the link.
17:00 11-Mar-2015 Office Main Link Update, We had lost Sync to the Telephone exchange, it came back after 30 min but the still no main link.
16:30 11-Mar-2015 Office Main Link Down, The main link to the Office is down, looking into the problem.
0600 08-Mar-2015 Xen host security update, the updates were run with out contacting us on the servers, BUT due to a problem glitch the servers did not come back online straight away, all is fixed now.
13:00 04-Mar-2015 Xen host security problems. There are major security issues affected Xen hosts, some of the servers we use will need to be updated, we will update when it will be done.

18:00 09-Feb-2015 Office Main Server Update, We have fixed the web site problems on the new server, so all sites on this server are now working off the new server.
23:01 07-Feb-2015 Office Main Server Update, We tried moving web sites across to the new server, all seemed fine at first till some site were not running right, so we moved the sites back to the old problem server for now.
23:00 06-Feb-2015 Office Main Server Update, We have moved DNS & a few other services over to the new server, hope to do web with-in a few days to follow (As some extra software is needed for some sites).
18:00 06-Feb-2015 Office Main Server Update, We are replacing the server, the new server is a full upgraded software version, we hope to install the server over the next day, there should be no downtime but there might be due to the amount of info needed to move across to the new server.
16:00 06-Feb-2015 Office Main Server Update, The problem is still there, we are trying to replace the motherboard to see if that fixes the problem.
15:45 06-Feb-2015 Office Main Server Update, We have reboot the server to see if it fixes the problem.
12:15 06-Feb-2015 The Main server in the office is playing up, the times on the server is faster then it should be, we are looking into the problem.

10:01 26-Jan-2015 Dallas Network Upgrade Core & Switches,
On 01-Feb-2015 from 11:00 for 6 hrs the up stream provider is doing a major upgrade of core equipment, There may be some downtime of the server network during this but should be no more then a min or two. The link from the core to cabinets switches are being upgraded from 1Gbit to 10Gbit fibers, this is to improve network redundancy & capacity, it is a wide window due to the amount of cabinets on site, so there is no fixed time for our servers.
10:01 10-Jan-2015 Dallas Network Maintenance,
On 18-Jan-2015 from 18:00 to 20:00 the up stream provider is doing some major network maintenance work, There may be some increased latency but they are not expecting any downtime.

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