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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2006

14:20 29-Dec-2006 Main DSL link to Albury back on line, Staff needed on site to reboot the modem.
13:25 29-Dec-2006 Main DSL link to Albury is down, Looking into it, Back up links are still running.
08:30 23-Dec-2006 One of the ports did not finish by today, it had some how used 90% of all the memory in the server, that port has been rolled back to a working version, the server is now working back as it should, sorry for any inconvenience.
14:25 19-Dec-2006 Haddow Internet is doing a ports upgrade, this may slow some services, sorry for any inconvenience.
01:45 17-Dec-2006 Atkinsonet dsl is up & down, Looks like a problem with the server, we are trying to trace the problem.
01:45 17-Dec-2006 Atkinsonet dsl down, Looking into it.

20:42 28-Nov-2006 Main link back on line, some #%#$%! Indian #$%@ in Sydney turned off the dslam server, claiming that the server owner was closing there AAPT account (which is not true), that Indian person did not have the right to even touch the server in the room. We are looking into it more.
20:12 28-Nov-2006 Main link down, looking into it.
09:09 24-Nov-2006 Main link back on line, & all working now as it should.
08:22 24-Nov-2006 Mail link down again, the problem is with the new router in Sydney.
02:21 24-Nov-2006 Main link back on line, but there is a problem as we are not receiving DNS request back, trying to get it fixed.
02:17 24-Nov-2006 Main link down, looking into it.
17:40 22-Nov-2006 New router being installed in Sydney, it was to take down the main link for only 1 min, but took 45 min to come back on line.
00:40 20-Nov-2006 Atkinsonet dsl back on line.
21:40 19-Nov-2006 Atkinsonet dsl down, Looking into it.
08:12 02-Nov-2006 Main link back on line, modem needed a reboot.
23:10 01-Nov-2006 Main link down, Looking into it.
07:02 01-Nov-2006 Main link back on line, looks like it was a problem in Glebe.
05:25 01-Nov-2006 Main link down, Looking into it.

05:15 24-Oct-2006 Mains Power returned AGAIN, due to a large load on the power pole fuses every time they turned the power back on, the fuses blow) so the site was turned off till the power had been up for more then 10 min, all services are back on line.
02:00 24-Oct-2006 Mains Power returned to the street again.
01:55 24-Oct-2006 Mains Power Lost again, I heard a bang out side ( it came from the main fuses on the power pole, near the transformer ) the ups had no time to charge so the servers went down again.
01:30 24-Oct-2006 Mains Power returned to the street (the main cross street had power since 23:50).
21:30 23-Oct-2006 Battery power all used up, site is off the air for now.
21:03 23-Oct-2006 Mains Power Failure in Wodonga West, all services on battery back for now, we hope to stay on the air.
16:46 20-Oct-2006 Main link back on line, the adsl needed a reboot, but due to no staff on site, it could not be rebooted till today, we are trying to get some equipment in ASAP to help stop this problem.
04:39 16-Oct-2006 Main link down.
06:01 11-Oct-2006 Main link back on line.
23:34 10-Oct-2006 Main link down, looking into it.
18:00 04-Oct-2006 Due to one of the large Isp loosing its hole sale provider, and its customers now churning over to other providers, all internet access may be a bit slow, we hope to have it fixed ASAP.
17:45 04-Oct-2006 Due to changes in Sydeny the dsl modem needed a reboot to fix the problem.
16:20 04-Oct-2006 Ping time have gone up, Looking into it.
18:55 02-Oct-2006 Main Link back on line, with the right IP this time.
17:35 02-Oct-2006 Main Link down again, this time it looks like a telstra dslam problem.
16:25 02-Oct-2006 Main Link back on line, but with the wrong IP, we hope to have it fixed asap.
11:00 02-Oct-2006 Update, NSW has a Public Holiday, so trying to get equipment & parts today is a bit slow, but another router has been sourced & hope to be in soon.
09:00 02-Oct-2006 Update, Problem at Glebe, All equipment have powded down, both primary and secondary cisco routers are dead.
05:00 02-Oct-2006 Main link down, looking into it.

10:40 30-Sep-2006 Main link back on line. The problem was traced to the data-centre in Glebe, 1st the engineers could not get in to fix the problem, 2nd the security staff could not get in, 3rd after they got in they fould the same interface card on both the primary and backup routers failed. There is a temporary fix there, till they can get parts from Cisco, some time next week.
01:48 30-Sep-2006 Haddow Internet main link down looking into it.
11:20 28-Sep-2006 All back on line.
09:30 28-Sep-2006 Some people have noticed that there modem says there is no dsl line connected to there modem this is due to the problem at Lavington.
16:05 27-Sep-2006 Telstra has reported a major problem in Lavington NSW with one of the dslams at the exchange, it went down at 1600 but has not come back on line, now they can not get access to it at all.
16:00 27-Sep-2006 Telstra has a wide spread problem that took down most dsl's for about 2 min.
00:05 27-Sep-2006 It looks AAPT had a router down, requiering a reboot of it in Sydney, All back on line now.
22:00 26-Sep-2006 Problem in sydney, Main link up but no access to USA or telstra links, Looking into it.

03:54 30-Aug-2006 Haddow Internet back on line.
03:00 30-Aug-2006 Haddow Internet main link down, this was due to the Telstra upgrade.
09:00 29-Aug-2006 Telstra has reported a planned Software upgrade, which some ADSL services in NSW may be disrupted for up to 30 min within a window of 01:00 to 06:00 commencing on the 30th of August 2006.
14:40 28-Aug-2006 All back on line & working as it should, some how the server did a reboot, still looking into why it did it & didn't recover from it.
11:49 28-Aug-2006 One of Haddow Internet servers is down, this will slow some web sites down, staff will be on site A.S.A.P.
09:40 08-Aug-2006 Perth down again, the mail link to "45ru.net.au" is the problem.
09:15 08-Aug-2006 Perth back on line, still looking into.
07:45 08-Aug-2006 Perth server is down, looking into it.
16:29 07-Aug-2006 Westnet has reported "..a loss of communication to international sites.." from 14:28 to 14:46 today, all back on line now.
10:45 06-Aug-2006 H.I. Main link back on line with the right Ip Address.
19:20 05-Aug-2006 Main Link back on line,Modem needed a power cycle, but due to a config change in Sydney the ip address has changed, we are trying to get hold of a Sydney staff member to fix the problem, when fixed the main link will go back down for about 5 min.
13:06 05-Aug-2006 H.I. Main link went down, Running on back up for now.
07:50 02-Aug-2006 Atkinsonet ADSL is back on line.
04:50 02-Aug-2006 Atkinsonet ADSL is down, Looking into it.
04:50 02-Aug-2006 Telstra has a planned Software Upgrades to "ADSL: NSW - Multiple Exchanges - Friday 04/08/2006 03:40 to 5:00 EST" that may be disrupted to some exchanges including "Lavington".

17:50 26-Jul-2006 Westnet has updated " This fault has been fully resolved as of 3:46pm EST. Faulty fibre was found in a segment of cable which an upstream provider routed around to resolve the issue".
14:17 26-Jul-2006 Westnet has updated " Due to unexpected software issues onsite .. Customers may continue to experience degraded performance on international traffic .. ".
12:00 26-Jul-2006 Westnet has updated " Partial restoration of services has now been completed and customers should be receiving international traffic again .. may see congested international traffic and intermittent packetloss ..".
01:30 26-Jul-2006 Westnet has reported ".. NSW/QLD/VIC .. loss of communication to international sites .." And hope to have it back on line ASAP.
08:00 19-Jul-2006 Perth back on line, looks like one of the links between Sydney & Perth went down, Bur.st it trying to find out more about it as it took out there link to the USA.
07:15 19-Jul-2006 Access to the perth server down, looking into it (Bur.st).
17:00 16-Jul-2006 Due to a third-party equipment failure in Sydney, All customers using Westnet for Dialup in NSW & VIC, and ADSL in NSW & parts of VIC. Will not be able to get on line. They hope to have every thing back on line no later then 20:00 tonight.
07:33 12-Jul-2006 Haddow Internet main link back on line. The problem was some how the router in sydney had lots power in both the lines into it, which should have never happend (as it is on U.P.S.).
22:42 11-Jul-2006 Haddow Internet main link down, Looking into it.
21:17 06-Jul-2006 Haddow Internet main link back on line.
21:08 06-Jul-2006 Haddow Internet main link down, Looking into it.

16:40 29-Jun-2006 Haddow Internet is back on line, All dns & mail has been moved back.
10:30 29-Jun-2006 A folt has been logged with AAPT, they clame they will look into it ASAP.
19:00 28-Jun-2006 As Close Of Business Day has been & gone, they still have not got the main link back on line, All this means is that I will send a bigger bill to the old ISP.
11:20 28-Jun-2006 AAPT Calme that Telstra Clame that they WILL have the line, back on line by the Close Of Bussines Day TODAY (But we will see), they also clame that there is only 2 other dsl's that are not back on line, but we still have about 15 that are not on line (That is telstra for you).
10:00 27-Jun-2006 Haddow Internet main link is still not back on line, AAPT is claming that all services should be back on line, But there is still 20 ADSL services that are not. The backup server is working well, this server is for mail and DNS only.
10:00 21-Jun-2006 AAPT still has not got Haddow Internet main link back on line, they clame that there is no such place as Wodonga West, yet there is West Wodonga, (tho the telstra bill states Wodonga West, so AAPT uses Austpost as a post code search) so we are still fighting them to put the service back on line.
10:00 19-Jun-2006 Haddow Internet main link still not back on line, AAPT clame that it will be back on line by the end of Business day today.
10:00 17-Jun-2006 Haddow Internet back on line via the backup link for mail only.
16:00 16-Jun-2006 Haddow Internet got word from AAPT, that by CBD (Close Of Business Day) Monday 19 June 2006, that all adsl's will be back on line.
21:20 14-Jun-2006 Some how ISP put in a request to delete H.I. & 26 other dsl, that we got ported to another Company, AAPT do not know how this had happened, as charges could be placed against AAPT & ISP for all the down time.
16:20 14-Jun-2006 ISP Sydney pulled the plug on all dsl that were hosted In Albury/Wodnoga, H.I. back on line for the time being, but this is a temp fix, the problem will still happen if we don't get a fix ip address.
21:20 11-Jun-2006 ISP Sydney is back on line.
14:05 11-Jun-2006 ISP Sydney is down again, looking into it.
14:25 05-Jun-2006 ISP Sydney back on line, looks like there main dsl link to the shop went down requiering a staff member to reboot it.
13:40 05-Jun-2006 ISP Sydney is down, looking into it.
04:50 04-Jun-2006 Wireless back on line, requiering a admin to reboot the system.
04:30 04-Jun-2006 Lost of Wireless in Albury, Looking into it.

15:45 30-May-2006 Due to last night's problem, we had lost all access to the main server from the outside world, all is fixed now & we hope it will never happen again, It stoped Emails & Web sites being view.
22:35 29-May-2006 Main link back on line, problem with ppp needing a modem reboot.
20:59 29-May-2006 Main Link down, Looking into it.
01:10 28-May-2006 ISP sydney is back on line, but there irc server is still down.
00:36 28-May-2006 ISP sydney is down, looking into it.
12:36 23-May-2006 Main Link Back on line, there is problem in sydney.
12:25 23-May-2006 Main Link down, Looking into the problem.
20:10 21-May-2006 ISP Link back on line, a dsl problem in Sydeny.
18:40 21-May-2006 ISP.net.au main shop link down, looking into it.
01:13 20-May-2006 Main Link Back online. Still trying to find out what happen.
00:33 20-May-2006 Main Link Back online, for about 5 min, Looks link a problem in Sydney, trying to get a Tech. to the Sydney site.
23:40 19-May-2006 Main Link down, Looking into it.
07:50 17-May-2006 Atkinsonet adsl back on line,Loss of ppp to Westnet, requiering a modem reboot.
02:05 17-May-2006 Atkinsonet adsl down, Looking into it.
18:15 12-May-2006 The fibre has been repaird, Most services back on line, Haddow Internet had NO Down Time.
11:00 12-May-2006 A major fibre cable cut is affecting all sothern NSW services. Including Internet, Eftpos, Voice & Mobile. Calls to your local phone exchange will work, but calls to other & 000 will not work.
16:45 11-May-2006 Due to a problem on one of the backup server, the server had to be rebooted, all back on line with no down time
20:50 08-May-2006 Atkinsonet adsl back on line.
13:55 08-May-2006 Atkinsonet adsl is down, Looks like a problem is still with Westnet auth.
17:00 05-May-2006 Atkinsonet are having problems with there adsl, Looks like a problem with westnet auth.
19:00 03-May-2006 Haddow Internet "Name Server No4" has changed its ip address.

18:30 24-Apr-2006 Due to problems Name Server No4, ip address change is held off.
12:00 24-Apr-2006 Name Server No4 will be changing it Ip address.
10:32 20-Apr-2006 Main Link back on line, Sydney is having some power problems.
09:49 20-Apr-2006 Main Link down, Looking into it.
16:00 13-Apr-2006 Name server no5 has changed its IP address.
06:00 06-Apr-2006 Main Link back on line, Lost of a dslam in Sydney.
05:25 06-Apr-2006 Main Link Down, Looking into it.
00:35 03-Apr-2006 Atkinsonet adsl is back on line.
23:25 02-Apr-2006 Atkinsonet adsl is down, Looks like Westnet problem.
10:00 02-Apr-2006 Day Light Savings has now ended for this Year, All servers swicthed back to the right time with no problems.
22:00 01-Apr-2006 Name server no3 has changed its Ip address.

10:00 26-Mar-2006 Due to Daylight savings not ending today, ( Due to theCommenwealth Games ) all Haddow Internet servers were out on time, We are trying to fix the problem.
15:00 18-Mar-2006 Server room is having a clean up, some servers will need to be moved, meaning the servers will be down for no longer then 1hr.
00:00 17-Mar-2006 Due to a script problem we have lost all the Network History from the 1st of Jan 2006 up to now.

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