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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2014

00:01 01-Dec-2014 Nothing to report for this month.

20:40 27-Nov-2014 USA2 server back online, the server required a full power cycle but the remote software could not do it, Tech are looking into why this had happen, also into why the server just stopped.
18:45 27-Nov-2014 USA2 server down, we are looking into the problem.
10:00 01-Nov-2014 Over the last few years we have been receiving a large amount of spam to the haddow@had. email address, we have changed the email address about 6 months ago, so as of Sat the 8th of Nov we will block any emails to the address to help reduce spam & overheads, any person having problems trying to send emails to us and are having problems can use the "Contact Us" link on the top of this page.

14:20 23-Oct-2014 Wodonga1 Site back on mains power.
13:55 27-Oct-2014 Wodonga1 Site back online, Site running off generator, mains down, but the main UPS that runs the servers & equipment went into error, so we have done a temp fix for now, later we will have to shout down the site to replace the ups.
13:45 27-Oct-2014 Wodonga1 site down, we are looking into the problem.
18:00 23-Oct-2014 Telstra Update, All services are ment to be back online.
16:00 23-Oct-2014 Telstra Update, GSM/2G is back and they are working on 3&4G.
11:00 23-Oct-2014 Telstra Update, there is new O.F. cables being installed in the CBD near the towers, it looks like the main line got cut, Techs are onsite fixing the problem.
16:10 22-Oct-2014 Telstra Problems, some 2/3&4G systems are down in Albury.
07:01 05-Oct-2014 All Server clocks have adjusted to DST, Some sites may show standard time as it is hard programed into the site.
00:01 01-Oct-2014 Daylight savings starts at 2am on the 5th of October, clocks go to 3am for NSW & Vic.

00:01 01-Sep-2014 No history for this month .

00:01 01-Aug-2014 Nothing to report for this month.

09:00 19-Jul-2014 Aus server back online, no staff on site till 8:30, server need a reboot but has taken till now to come back up, the server is still checking hard drives for errors so its response may be slow.
02:00 19-Jul-2014 Aus server down, looking into the problem.
12:00 02-Jul-2014 Aus Main incoming mail link working again, Microsoft has done the dirty to the domain company that was hosting the dns, we have moved it to another domain for now all is working fine.
12:00 01-Jul-2014 Aus Main incoming mail link not receiving any emails, We are looking into the problem as the link its self is up, the backup link still working fine.

12:00 10-Jun-2014 We are still seeing a glitch in the stats software, we have talked to the maker of the software who claimed there was no problem, but after a few others users reporting the same problem they are now looking into it, & also made it a priority.

09:00 27-May-2014 There was a glitch in the stats program, this glitch was sending out a copy of the info every Sunday & Monday, we have had to do a minor update, but will monitor if it happens again, (This is not a security Problem).
19:00 20-May-2014 Due to some glitches we have turned off ipv6 on the main office server (This is not a security Problem), this may get re-enabled later down the track once the glitch is fixed.
12:00 20-May-2014 Update to Main Office Backup Generator, Repairer has said the problem is the field for sure, they are looking into parts for it, NO ETA.
10:00 19-May-2014 Update to Main Office Backup Generator, It looks like one of the fields has broken, The generator has been removed and at Repairers, we hope to have it back ASAP, (We do have a small backup on hand just in case of power problems.
16:00 18-May-2014 After a test the main Office backup generator has stopped working, We are looking into why.
09:00 11-May-2014 We are testing IPv6 on the main office server links, We will monitor if there is any problems.
12:00 10-May-2014 We have moved all stats to the new upgraded version, this will also give H.I. Customers access to live stats to there sites too.
10:00 01-May-2014 Over a week or two we will be testing a upgraded version of the stats that is setup in most webpages hosted or managed by Haddow Internet, if the testing all goes well we will switch all the sites over to it, this will also give H.I. Customers access to live stats to there sites too.

10:00 10-Apr-2014 A bug called "heartbleed" that is in openssl on server, has been reported on TV in the last few days, we have some news reporters clamming you need to change your password
This is not the case with our servers, the only site that is using openssl was tested and found to not have the bug in it.

22:00 24-Mar-2014 Office site main server Failure, The server went into panic mode requiring a reboot, all is back online, but some services may be slow till it finishes disk checking all drives, we think one of the usb drives was what caused the panic.
16:20 16-Mar-2014 Office site main server HDD failure, One of the raid disk had failed between 11am & 12pm, drive was replaced at 4pm and went in a rebuild mode, there was on down time, rebuild took 2hr to complete, no data lost as this is a raid 1 setup.
10:20 14-Mar-2014 Office site main link back online, Still nothing from telstra about what happen at the exchange but we have the link back up and running fine.
18:00 13-Mar-2014 Office site main link down (update), telstra has know of the problem and not reported it till 17:54. (No ETA for fixing the problem)
17:00 13-Mar-2014 Office site main link down (update), after doing a lot of tracing we think the problems to be at the exchange. The problem has taken down the main office lines + some sites.
15:25 13-Mar-2014 Office site main link down, we are looking into the problem.

12:00 01-Feb-2014 Office site 3g/backup link upgrade, We have upgraded the router to a stable router for this link.

12:00 28-Jan-2014 Office site main link upgrade, the wholesale provider said that the link will be upgraded by the 3rd of February 2014, we have been told that the main link will be down for up to 15min when the exchange is upgraded.
15:30 23-Jan-2014 Secure site and all other services back online, all tested and seem to be working fine.
14:30 23-Jan-2014 We have the new renewal and we are in the stage of installing it, some services might gone down for a few min.
10:30 23-Jan-2014 Secure site due for renewal by the end of this month, We are in the stage of updating it today, It will mean a down & back up on all services that use the site.
20:30 12-Jan-2014 Main Office site Main Link back on line, We had some problems with Vlan's and there routs, fixed for now but will monitor the link for any more problems.
19:50 12-Jan-2014 Main Office site Main Link down, staff on site trying to trace down the problem.
17:50 12-Jan-2014 Main Office site Main Link, All back to normal.
17:20 12-Jan-2014 Main Office site Main Link, Back on line, but stats still show down, just fixing it.
10:00 12-Jan-2014 Main Office site Main Link, We are going to be taking down the main link about 1700 today for a modem upgrade, we hope to have the link down for only 15 min, stats might show longer till link configured.
02:47 07-Jan-2014 Update: Main Office site back on mains, but still some flickering once in awhile, meaning some zones coming back on line.
02:30 07-Jan-2014 Update: Main Office site without power, Spausnet clame there is 2 feeders out, we have some street lights in the area but the block we are on nothing.
02:20 07-Jan-2014 Main Office site without power, running on generator for now.
15:01 02-Jan-2014 We have had attack attempts on the main email server over the last few days, all of these have come from "Berlin" and all within a /16 subnet range, so for now we are doing a firewall blocking of all emails attempts from network, this is only blocking email attempts from them, not sending email to them.

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