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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2016

11:05 20-Dec-2016 Office link update, NBN problems fixed, It took a bit but the office is back online, but still waiting for the porting of a phone number 'that was only going to take a few hours' now told may be two more days if they don't have problems.
10:10 20-Dec-2016 Office link update, NBN is enabled but the provider is trying to fix a IP problem, more to come.
09:30 20-Dec-2016 Office link update, line down looking into it.
12:00 19-Dec-2016 Office link update, I called the NBN supplier to make sure of tomorrow and told flat out 'it should happen' but they also said 'no guarantee tho' I then queried about the main IP for my link and was told 'they don't know if I can keep it' I have told the supplier that if things are not to what I was told then they will be paying for my downtime at 4g cost and the hours it takes me to get the Office back on the internet to the standards I require when I first put the order in and was guaranteed it,
So warning to all customers that the office could be off line for a min of 5 min but may be a week if they stuff it up, we will update this page when we know more.
10:00 05-Dec-2016 Office link update, after a lot of calls and lots of words said (Some bad), we now have booked a day for the NBN upgrade to the office, the upgrade is meant to be now done on the 20th of December 2016 (Only a month after it was meant to) we will update this page closer to the day.

14:00 23-Nov-2016 Office link update, we have talked to the upstream provider and found there is some problems on the line so they are still trying to figure out the NBN upgrade.
13:05 23-Nov-2016 Office link update, we have upgraded the sites Main Link modem but due to problems of it not compatible with the office network we had to run it in bridged, this has allowed us to test the modem for other problems before the NBN upgrade.
13:00 21-Nov-2016 Office link updates, We have now booked the main office to have a NBN upgrade, the provider will get back to us with a time it will be done but once it is started the office may be down for the day till completed, we will give more of a update as soon as we know too.
14:45 19-Nov-2016 Main Server back on line, we are monitoring the server to make sure all is fine but at this stage it seems fine.
14:05 19-Nov-2016 Main Server off-line, They have started the security update.
16:00 16-Nov-2016 Main Server Hosted Security bug, We have been told by the Hosted Provider that there is a Security bug in there hosted software, our servers and customers details are safe but they are updating there side just to be safe, this update is scheduled at 14:00 on the 19th of November 2016, this update will require the server to be rebooted but it may take up to 50 minutes to complete the update, we will monitor the server for any problems during the time.
14:35 05-Nov-2016 Main Server back on line, we are monitoring the server to make sure all is fine but at this stage it seems fine.
14:30 05-Nov-2016 Main Server off line, this is due to the upgrade.
10:00 01-Nov-2016 Main Server, our up stream provider has told us they are doing a upgrade to there systems on the 5th of November 2016, the upgrade is booked in at 14:30 and the server may be down for 15 minuets.

00:01 01-Oct-2016 Nothing to report for this month.

00:01 01-Sep-2016 Nothing to report for this month.

15:00 03-Aug-2016 Main server PTR Missing, we have received messages from some customers that there emails are coming back with a PTR error, we have looked into it and fixed the problem BUT we are trying to trace down how and when it happen as it should not have.
14:00 01-Aug-2016 Main office Numbers, We have been told by our provider that they are looking at changing VOIP providers, we are hoping to just move our numbers across to the new one, which the ATA state we can but can only see, this will take time to be done and we will see how things happen, it may mean too that the office might have to get a new phone number (But we can only see).

13:15 22-Jun-2016 Main server back online, all is working fine but we will monitor for any problems.
12:40 22-Jul-2016 Main server down, update has started.
10:40 16-Jul-2016 Main server to be offline, we have been told by the provider they need to do some security software updates this will take the server off line for about 45min, they are looking at doing the update on the 22 July starting at 12:30.
14:40 06-Jul-2016 Office main link back online, 2 faults found with cable joiners in the pits, one of them was replaced several years ago when we last had the same problem.
14:15 06-Jul-2016 Office main link, Telstra is looking at the line, link is down due to the work.
13:50 06-Jul-2016 Office main link, it looks like Telstra in working on the line.
19:15 01-Jul-2016 Office main link is still having problems, Telstra has reported High voltage on the line but I have seen the same all the time but the problem has been booked in for tech to look at.

19:00 30-Jun-2016 Office main line problem update, provider now says yes there is a problem and they are trying to find out where it is.
13:00 30-Jun-2016 Office main line problem update, provider clams there is no problem but will monitor the line.
11:00 30-Jun-2016 Office main line problem reported to upstream provider who is looking into the problem.
10:00 25-Jun-2016 Office main line up and down at odd times looking into the problem.
02:45 07-Jun-2016 Main server coming back online, Report is the host server crashed and required a hard reboot, some services may be slow for a few hours but we are monitoring for problems.
01:05 07-Jun-2016 Main server down looking into the problem.

00:01 01-May-2016 There is nothing to report for this month.

17:00 12-Apr-2016 All Emails Services, We can report that the services are back and working, again the problem was not our end, but some people clam it has been down for over a day, if it was the emails should still get delivered but a report may be sent to state the service was unreachable but should still try and send if they have it set right.
14:00 12-Apr-2016 All Email Services, we have had problems receiving email since midday, and found that several data centers had blocked some services to fix a email glitch they had, but our services was working fine just the centers did not know the easy way to fix so they blocked till they got it fixed.

21:00 21-Mar-2016 Email spam & virus software turning, we have seen a few problems with the filtering and so we have been doing some software turning over the last few days, and will continue to improve it over the coming weeks too, any customers having problems with there emails please contact the office and we will look into it.
14:00 20-Mar-2016 Office back on mains power, work was finished 2 hours ahead of time.
08:30 20-Mar-2016 Office lost of power, Running on generator now.
14:00 19-Mar-2016 Backup mail server has new software running now to try to restrict spam & virus.
21:30 18-Mar-2016 Mail reports of spam & virus, currently some customers will receive a email of any spam or virus, over the coming days we are looking at removing these messages, we are also looking at removing the bottom text that is added by the software after it scans the emails too some more info can be viewed by Clicking Here.
21:00 18-Mar-2016 Main mail server has new software running to try to block, we have also changed some setting on the back up mail server restrict spam & virus.
12:10 16-Mar-2016 We are seeing a lot of spam, the servers are blocking over 1000 emails a hour, but some still get through so we are looking into filtering emails for all people, will keep people updated.
12:00 16-Mar-2016 We are seeing a new virus out there and some virus programs are not seeing it till it is too late, we are looking into filtering emails for all people, will keep people updated.
13:00 10-Mar-2016 Office Power Line Work, We have been told by the supply company that there will be work on the mains supply to the office on the 20th Mar 2016 from 08:30 to 16:00, the site will be running off Generator during the time.

21:00 19-Feb-2016 All SSL Servers, we have upgraded the SSL certificate for another year on all servers we run, any one having problems accessing one of our services please contact us, please take note some software is so far out of date that it will need upgrading.
15:00 16-Feb-2016 Office back online all working fine.
14:30 16-Feb-2016 Office is down due to UPS change over.
09:00 16-Feb-2016 Office UPS problems, the fan on the unit is on its last legs, the office network will have to go down for a short time, we are looking at about doing it about 2pm today.
14:30 13-Feb-2016 Telstra ADSL & other services down, it looks like a wide spread problem No ETA.
14:30 09-Feb-2016 Telstra mobile back online, Some SOD routed traffic back to a server that was off line and it caused the hole system to crash.
12:00 09-Feb-2016 Telstra mobile down.
13:45 04-Feb-2016 Main server back online, the hosting server locked up but the provider is looking into why it happen.
12:50 04-Feb-2016 Main server down, Looking into the problem.

01:45 31-Jan-2016 Office power restored, Suppler still looking into what has caused the problem.
01:00 31-Jan-2016 Office lost power, Now running on generator.
07:00 21-Jan-2016 Main server back online, the hosting server had a kernel panic so the provider instead of just a reboot decided to do a update as well, this kept the service down for 45min, all back and working for now.
06:15 21-Jan-2016 Main server down, Looking into the problem.
13:50 17-Jan-2016 My upstream provider has forced some router changes this has forced changes to go to Telstra too, All seam to be back for now, We will monitor the link for any more problems.
11:00 17-Jan-2016 Some Customers are having problems receiving emails and accessing some of our websites, we have traced the problem to a routing issue on the Telstra network, Telstra clam its nothing to do with them but are looking into the problem so no ETA.
13:00 04-Jan-2016 We have been told by the power provider that the Main office mains power will be offline on the 13-jan-2016 from 8:30 to 16:30, this means the site will be on generator backup, we will have staff onsite to monitor for any problems.

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