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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2021


18:10 31-Dec-2021

IPV6 problems to some websites, we don't know when it happened but noticed today that any site that was using geoip on ipv6 had problems allowing the countries thay wanted, upstream hosting started to make changes to other IP's and broke some sites, We have had to revert the changes they did and because of the long weekend it may take time for the higher ups to look into the problem and so for now we have done some temp changes in the allow rules on our end so people can have a working site for the newyears.

16:10 24-Dec-2021

Office Main link back online, it looks to be NBN FTTN box rebooting the ports as the down time was less then 15 min, its something NBN clame never happen but there support know it does.

15:57 24-Dec-2021

Office Main link down, for some reasion NBN is down at the office, the office is running on a backup link for now.

09:00 22-Dec-2021

IPV6 sites problems Update, We have a report from upstream, there firewall for some reasion was not set up right after they did a update, icmp and a few other ports was fine but all web ports was blocked, it comes back tothere new security updates and not testing them first on all ip's.

17:50 21-Dec-2021

Uptime Status reset, We did a hard reset of all status we have hosted by Uptime Robot status, if you wish to see our status just click on the Uptimerobot icon bellow.

16:40 21-Dec-2021

IPV6 sites problems Update, We are still waiting on a report from upstream but ipv6 is up and working and is becoming stable.

15:00 21-Dec-2021

IPV6 sites problems Update, Upstream has found the issue and is working on it.

08:00 21-Dec-2021

IPV6 sites problems Update, we are geting the run around from the upstream provider, they can not understand why we have ipv6 fixed ips to our accounts that they had set up and so they keep making changes and braking ipv6, we are still in talks to them to put the settings back to a working one and leave it, will update soon.

17:00 20-Dec-2021

IPV6 sites problems Update, Upstream can see the problem and from what was told, they had made changes but not told people and they havent made the changes hard coded, so for a work around we have fixed the ipv6 to the servers one not the hosted one but these changes may change down the road but will update this page when done.

16:00 20-Dec-2021

IPV6 sites problems, we don't know when it started but all websites we host have a problem on ipv6, it looks to be at the hosting level of the web server as the ip's ping without a problem, we have escalated this problem up stream and hope to have it working soon, we have also added it to a new status page that is hosted off site by Uptime Robot Status.

08:30 17-Dec-2021

Managed Wifi's, this Log4j issue has also forced us to make huge changes in our wifi hosting platforms, all controllers have been updated to the newest version, but with one of the software versions they had not made it easy for data retention and so this was a clean setup, all devices are on the new services now.

10:30 15-Dec-2021

Java vulnerability, we have been told there is a vulnerability if the Log4j, we are in the stage of making sure all our customers sites are not affected by this and any site that might be will be updated (If we manage them), Please note; any sites we host but not manage must update this ASAP or there site will be disabled till done, we have emailed these sites managers.

14:30 15-Nov-2021

Office Mobile Phone Update, Telstra have some problems around the Albury & Wodonga Area, there status page clame it will be back and working by 10am on the 16th Nov, thats right over 24hr outage, its best to call our Main office number for support till all is fixed.

08:30 15-Nov-2021

Office Mobile Phone, our Main number is currently expericing problems we are looking into the problem.

20:00 13-Nov-2021

HI Site managed servers, as stated last month, due to SSL problems including Root Certificate changes but also security, customers of ours had to have there site managed servers updated, all that had routers managed by our office had to have a site call out as this update was a huge one, but also servers that had outdated software also needed to be updated and much was for security reasons, these updates took some time as to Covid access, but we have completed the last today, some sites was only down for 1hr for the update but a few took 2hr to compleate.

16:36 01-Nov-2021

Office Main NBN Internet Back online, It looks like the NBN FTTN rebooted as the outage was just under 10 min and there was no connection to NBN and also no support person in the area, it also effected many others but of cause NBN clame there was nothing happening.

16:27 01-Nov-2021

Office Main NBN Internet down, we are looking into the problem.

11:00 16-Oct-2021

Office Router Upgrade, We started with a full backup on the router at 8am, then at 9am we started the update install, things didn't go 100% due to access over default networks, was able to continue at 10am and got the router fully upgraded on the main OS, then all its package's had to be installed and tho all are installed we are still testing to make sure all is working like it should.

10:00 16-Oct-2021

Internet routing issues, there was some BGP issues around 9am to several sites in the USA or through there USA Links, it was traced back to a router upstream not updating the BGP, this had nothing to do with the office router update its just something that happened at the same time.

09:00 11-Oct-2021

Office Router Upgrade, with the Root Certificate changes and so much more we have decided that we will take the office network off line for a complete core router upgrade, this upgrade we hope to only take a few hours but may take more, if the upgrade fails we will fall back to the current router version via backups but hope all will work as should, please note that all services that are at our office will be off line too including Some Web sites but also our office Phone,
Reschedule to take place on Saturday the 16th Oct 2021 from about 10am but may also be Sunday the 17th Oct 2021 all day, will update when it starts and finish.

10:10 02-Oct-2021

SSL Problems, There are a few people reporting problems accessing some ssl sites on there computers, the company Let’s Encrypt had changed there root certificate awhile ago and from the 30th Sep there old root certificate expired, it doesn't mean there is a site problem as most use the new root certificate, what it means is that you are using a out of date root certificate on a browser or other software that is out dated, there is a easy fix for most, UPDATE you browser, for people using other software you will have to check with that provider if there is a update many just need a cacert update and all is good,
for our main hosting sites including customers sites all are using another provider but some of our backup sites are using the Let’s Encrypt, we are seeing the same problems on some access but all devices that have new software are working fine.

10:00 01-Oct-2021

Accounts Problems, There was a small glitch in the account system today, this caused some people to receive two invoices with different invoice numbers, the oldest invoice has been removed, we have contacted these customers directly but also posted it here.

08:00 01-Oct-2021

Daylight savings Time: well for 99% of our customers it will be daylight savings time from 2am EST on the 3rd Oct 2021, the clocks will gain a hour meaning so at 2am AEST it will change to 3am AEDST
Many of our servers will also change there time but note some sites that have old PHP time settings (Or Fixed time settings) will not change, we will check our supported sites for customers but note some customer must do the changes there self (Or just leave it to AEST or UTC.

12:30 29-Sep-2021

Websites Outages Update, Yes we have a update, The cause was from a upstream network switch that failed and for some reason it did not fallback to the backup switch like it should, this switch only handled the IPv4 traffic as the IPv6 is via a different switch, the provider is doing a full investigation into why 1. it failed and 2. Why it didn't fallback to the backup switch.

11:00 29-Sep-2021

Websites outages Back On Line, We are till waiting on a report on what was the cause but can say "all is back up and running", as stated this only effected the IPv4 address, all sites we host has IPv6 too, but also note emails may be slow to receive for the next few hours.

10:45 29-Sep-2021

Unscheduled Websites outages Update, From our side it looks like Synergy Wholesale has routing problems, on there side they are tracing the problem.

10:30 29-Sep-2021

Unscheduled Websites outages Update, Sites on IPv4 are still down, upstream provider had a wide outage and are working on the problem, no ETA.

10:00 29-Sep-2021

Unscheduled Websites outages, All Websites that our office host have a outage on IPv4, IPv6 is still working.

14:00 25-Sep-2021

Websites Updates, All Websites that our office manage have been updated, tho a few changes had to be done to some sites due to non standard settings, but all working like they should,
Please note; The updates are only to the websites our office manage/update for customers (and our ones too), there are many sites that are customers self manage and so updates are done by that customer and not our office without direct requests from that customer.

09:00 20-Sep-2021

Websites Updates, All Websites that our office manage will have there software updated on the Sep 25th 2021, between 10:00 & 14:00.

11:30 23-Aug-2021

Main website update, we have had to rush a minor update out on our main website to keep it safe, we have not had problems but want to keep it safe so we don't have problems down the track, we know we will have to change a hard version of the site soon but since security updates are still going out we will keep to a working version.

10:00 23-Aug-2021

Office planned outages, we have been told by the NBN that they are planing outages near the office on 31 Aug between 12am to 6am but have a outage of only 15min max, we will see, the office systems are all that will be effected from it, tho we have a backup in place for it some services will still be down till they have the connection back.

09:00 20-Aug-2021

Cloud Flare DNS1 Ping Times, due to a few internal changes to the office network for testing the Cloudflare.dns1 ping times don't match the dnsS1, We know of this and its only a routing change, it may also show it down at times but it is working just the test link may be down, this will not effect any customers.

13:10 26-Jul-2021

Hosting changes, we have just been told by our hosting company that they are making changes on the 28th July 2021, tho they said no changes would be done till the end of year, they claim it will just be the accounting on there side for now, We have requested more info but know that will not happen, they also will not tell us of times, If it is just the accounting system on there end then we should not see a change but WE will monitor it all and give a update if a problem happens.

11:00 16-Jul-2021

Office planned outages, we have been told by the NBN that they are planing outages near the office on 22 July between 12am to 6 am but have a outage of only 1hr max, we will see, the office systems are all that will be effected from it, tho we have a backup in place for it some services will still be down till they have the connection back.

06:00 05-Jul-2021

Office planned outages, Update, Today's outage was meant to from 2am to 6pm for 2 hours, but our office only saw a 5min outage at 04:20.

04:00 04-Jul-2021

Office speed change, well NBN is doing something on the line as our connection speeds to the FTTN increased to 100/30 Mbps, this is the connection speeds to NBN not the ISP which has also increased 60/22 Mbps but this is not the actual speeds the ISP will give which is about 52/19 Mbps, we are waiting on a report into what has been done but knowing NBN and the upstream they will not reply to the info requested.

10:00 03-Jul-2021

Office planned outages, we have been told by the NBN that they are planing outages near the office on 5Jul & 12Jul between 12am to 6 am but have a outage of only 2hr max, we will see, the office systems are all that will be effected from it, tho we have a backup in place for it some services will still be down till they have the connection back.

12:00 01-Jul-2021

Office updates, accounts system was done, this was a major update and so it took some time also there will be a slight change in the layout when accounts are now sent but all for the better.

17:30 26-Jun-2021

Office updates, all but 1 of the updates are done, a few services too a bit longer then planed but are bock and working great, the accounts system will be done after the accounts are sent on the 1st Jul.

10:30 20-Jun-2021

Office updates, Over Saturday the 26th the office will be updating several services at different times, most will not effect the customers, but if a service does it will be only down for a short time (Max 1hr) before it will return.

12:30 07-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Had call from Provider stating the Tech had been, when I told them I know as I had to be here for him to look at all the problems, but I also stated my connection to NBN is great but my connection to them is Crap for uploads, I am only geting 11mb/s uploads, the person wanted me to do factory reset of my modem to fix the problem but as I told them I was not there now as I have a business to run and even doing a Factory reset will not fix it as the node is what is setting that speed and they need to make a change there end which will take 24hr if they don't.

11:20 07-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Well Tech turned up and boy what problems there was and all on the NBN Side, He had to reroute wires in pits to fix problems others didn't do, Our office is back up and faster connection.

13:45 06-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Yep it was down again but for some reason the core router went into a panic reboot too, we are looking into the logs to see why but for now all is back up and running like it should, (when the Core goes down the hole office is down).

12:15 06-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Yep it was down and up again, the last few days the NBN has gotten worse, every rain event the NBN goes down, Our Office speeds got all the way down to 15MD/8MU, the ISP did a lookup and said "yes they see a problem", Tech is still booked in for for tomorrow 7th May 21 between 8am and 12pm.

11:30 01-May-2021

Website, Our main website (This one) has been updated without problems, no real changes just a backend updates.

10:45 01-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Yep it was down again from 09:10-09:15, and 10:30-10:40, will be happy when NBN fix there problems.

00:02 01-May-2021

Website hosting Changes, We have been told that our hosting company has changed hands and so by the 1st Apr 2022 our services will be moved over to them, we are looking into other providers as the new one is not supporting our type of hosting without a large price increase we are looking at moving to another provider, Will update soon.

00:01 01-May-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Tech booked in for the this Friday the 7th May 2021 from 8am-12pm.

12:45 29-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Job compleated down time was a bit over a hour, now we are waiting for NBN Tech to come and fix there side of things.

10:00 29-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, We will be updateing some wireing on site and so the main link will go down at some time.

15:30 26-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Had call from provider and they changed the day again to the 7th May, Thats the 3rd time but will see if there in another day maybe but 7th is better then 19th.

05:30 26-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Back Online, Again, again N again.

03:00 26-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Offline, again.

21:00 25-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Back Online, again.

20:40 25-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Offline, Yep again.

11:00 25-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, We had a call from the NBN Tech that was booked in for 19th May and changed it to the 11th May in the Afternoon.

09:10 24-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, We had a call from the provider that they have booked my site for a nbn tech on the 19th May in the Afternoon.

09:10 24-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Back Online, The Connection came back on its own, but we was monitoring it and found that the NBN FTTN box was where the problem was as we had a vdsl code on the line but no connection then no code at all for some time, This means the FTTN was rebooted and fixed its self there, but our main problem is still there.

08:10 24-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Down Update, We had called the provider and they are clame that since I have a case with them then only 1 department can touch my account and they dont start work till 9am, So I Have to call back then.

03:00 24-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Down, Looking into it.

16:00 21-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Again another call from the provider that clam that if I get a connection of 1/2 of what I use to for 4 years then its still within specs under NBN Standards, this is not permitted and so we are lodging this again with the TIO.

17:00 20-Apr-2021

Office Internet Main Link, Update, Well we had a call from the provider and are getting the run around and large demands of screen shots from all test we did so the office mail link was down for a few hours, all is back tho at lower speeds still.

10:00 20-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, Update, All phone changes have been completed and are testing like they should, its a more stable service then old provider.

19:00 19-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, The speeds are just getting worse and so I made a call to the provider and was told they will not contact NBN to fix it as they clam my speeds are ok, then told me to call the NBN directly and even gave the number and of cause NBN doesn't deal with the customer, only the provider and so I contacted the TIO (16:30), TIO was great to talk to and understood my problem and when told of how many outages I had they agreed it was not right and even said that since I am a business with business phones and NBN then my service should be almost 100% stable, (18:30) Call from provider and they did a few checks and agreed my service was not up to the standards it should be and so they will contact NBN to look into more (To me It means, you can wait and may be we might get it fixed one day).

12:00 15-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, Update, The application was approved and now just have to wait till the 20th.

15:40 10-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, Update, We have the application to move in and will update more later.

09:00 09-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Well our speed are buck up higher but not normal.

15:40 08-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, A tech was working on a problem in the area and once he started work on the pit the main link lost connection for a shout time and once back data speeds was down but stable.

10:00 07-Apr-2021

Office Phone changes, We are in the stage of moving some of our office phone numbers, will update the info soon.

09:00 06-Apr-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Well our main link provider is giving us a run around they clam the service is restored but they also see there is problems, I have reported what the problem is and where it is but they clam I must be wrong tho I have photos of the problem, I also told them that they was meant to call me back with a full update from NBN and told they will but its been 8 days now and nothing.

10:15 27-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, At request of the link provider we had to change modems and do some testing today (09:00-10:00), our office link speeds are still not great as we are 20bps & 10Mbps down on what we normally are connected at, the provider can see that changing the modem did nothing for the speed and so Monday we have to recontact them to get a update and more then likely a revisit from NBN Tech.

11:40 26-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Provider can see there is a large speed drop but has said there is still NBN watching the line and so it can cause some of the slow speeds, we told them we are still seeing high Db on the line and if the job was done right our speeds would not be this low which are lower then what they was while we had problems, Also told them that if the tech had had tested the lines right he would find that the speeds are not right, we also checked a few pits and found he missed checking one where 99% the problems are normally and had been told by us that is where we see 99% of the problems, We so wish they would update our street like it was meant 6 months ago to be to FTTC, but found out we could be on hold for 3 years or more unless we are willing to pay for the service to be installed now which then allows others to use what we paid for, No thanks.

10:00 26-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Link back online, NBN tech found problems but after he left we saw our connection speed are down bellow allowable standards, and so we will report it to the provider to look into it more.

09:00 26-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, NBN tech is working on the line and tho our office internet link came up for a short time ti will be down for a bit more now.

08:30 26-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Down, We are sure there is a NBN Tech working on the line, Will update soon.

12:45 24-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, We have had huge numbers of dropouts over the last few days to our office main link, It did not matter what modem we used as this problem still happened, So we contacted the Link provider that stated at first they don't see a problem, once they logged into the NBN portal they saw a huge amount of problems and was able to lodge a NBN repair job for Friday 26th Mar 2021 between 8am to 12pm, knowing the problems around here we are sure there will be other problems found and want them to get NBN to do a upgrade to FTTC at least but can only hope that one day they might.

17:00 22-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Internet upgrade has completed, there was modem problems and it took some time to fix its settings but now is working like it should.

16:30 22-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, Internet was down for almost 30min, the upgrade did not go as planed more to come.

16:00 22-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, Update, our internet may go down for a short time in the next hour.

15:00 20-Mar-2021

Office Internet Link, We are upgrading our office internet on the 22nd Mar, sorry we can not put down a time as we are booked in for the hole day.

09:55 18-Mar-2021

Office Power Online, UPS Installed and all services back up and running.

09:45 18-Mar-2021

Office Power Offline, The UPS is being installed.

09:10 18-Mar-2021

Office Power Online, the UPS has been removed with power in bypass for now, we hope to have it installed before 10am.

09:05 18-Mar-2021

Office Power Offline, This is the start of the UPS Fix.

17:50 17-Mar-2021

Office Internet IPv6 Back on line, It started to come back about 5 min ago but BGP was not routing so had to wait for its updates.

17:15 17-Mar-2021

Office Internet IPv6 Problems, Update, We can route to the network but it looks like the tunnel server is down, still waiting for a ETA and Reasion.

17:00 17-Mar-2021

Office Internet IPv6 Problems, All IPv6 is down to the Office, we are looking into the cause and hope it is fixed soon.

15:10 17-Mar-2021

Office Power Problem, We have checked the UPS and found batteries problems, replacement parts are in and so tomorrow from 9am we will install them, this will take down some of our services while we remove the UPS and Install the repaired unit.

11:55 15-Mar-2021

Office Back Online, We are looking into why the ups failed, it may need new batteries (will update if so and when), the server came back online, the main server takes almost 15min to come back online but from what we can tell all is back up and running, we will monitor all to make sure but for now we are back online..

11:37 15-Mar-2021

Office Offline, Our Office lost power and for some reason the UPS went down with it taking down the office server, yes we are on generator power but the power was only down for 2 min.

11:30 12-Mar-2021

Office Internet Problems: (Update) We are still monitoring our modem but from its logs, we are receiving a full drop of line from the NBN FTTN, these outages are short and it makes it hard to trace down the real problem, Will update if more info comes to hand.

11:00 12-Mar-2021

Office Phone Problems: (Update) Well all is back online and working, there was a change in a script at the end of Feb and we think this is when the problem started, We have tested all lines we host and they are all back online.

10:00 12-Mar-2021

Office Phone Problems: We had a contact from a customer that had problems contacting us on our main number, we are looking into this problem and hope to have it fixed ASAP.

10:31 08-Mar-2021

Office Internet Problems: We have noticed that the office internet is dropping out at times, we are watching the service and trying to trace the problem down but this may take time, will update when we know more.

00:01 01-Feb-2021

Nothing to report for this month.

11:00 17-Jan-2021

Eftpos from Tyro is Back online, Well al sites that we deal with are back online.

09:00 12-Jan-2021

Eftpos from Tyro is down (Update), Well its still down, they have stated they need the eftpos back to update and once done all will be back up and running.

09:00 08-Jan-2021

Eftpos from Tyro is down (Update), Well its still down, they still can not find the problem there end, it is effecting many Australian business not just ours, we hope to have a better update soon.

21:00 07-Jan-2021

We have seen some above normal ping times from 18:45 to 20:45 then 21:45 to 22:30, We know routes changed but it was random address that changed, Upstream providers has seen the same problem and is looking into it too.

12:30 07-Jan-2021

Eftpos from Tyro is down (Update), Well its still down, they are looking into whats causing it and have no ETA on when it will be fixed, on our own side we have down some testing and see it trying to connect but times out on there internal system.

14:30 06-Jan-2021

Australianphone (January 6, 2021, 14:21 ) pending hardware upgrade on Sip1 on the 06-Jan-2021 Between 21:00 - 22:00, If our customers use the standard sip.* and not sip1 or sip1 IP then the connection will fall back to one of the other sip servers automatically.

07:00 06-Jan-2021

Eftpos from Tyro is down, At 19:19 05-Jan2021 Tyro reported they are investigating a Eftpos Error, through the night They updated the status to state that they are still working on it.

17:30 04-Jan-2021

Australianphone (January 4, 2021, 17:11) pending hardware upgrade on Sip3 on the 05-Jan-2021 Between 21:00 - 22:00, If our customers use the standard sip.* and not sip3 or sip3 IP then the connection will fall back to one of the other sip servers automatically.

All time stated above are in AEST (or AEDST) unless other wise stated. UTC Time Definition, CST Time Definition, AEST Time Definition