NBN Service Info.

Here we have photos and info on the NBN in most areas.

Well NBN has many services used, as stated in our other post there is many types, these services have different devices that NBN Provide.


Home / Office Inside NBN Equipment Lights Info.

The images bellow show you what the status lights are for that device

FTTP, Fibre To The Premises.

NBN Fiber To The P

(FW) Fixed Wireless.

 NBN Fixed Wifi


(Satellite) Satellite (called Sky Muster).


(HFC) Hybrid Fibre Coaxial.


(FTTC) Fibre To The Curb.


(FTTN) Fibre To The Node.

 This is the hardest to under stand the lights as the VDSL2 modem is supplied from your ISP or A Store.

Each modem has a different layout and light setup but the lights are almost the same as the FTTC.

The main lights to look at are:

DSL Light, ON = Is your connection to NBN.


Internet Light, ON = Is your Connection to your Provider.