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Haddow Internet Network Status History For 2019

10:30 30-Mar-2019 Office UPS problems, one of our backup UPS has failed during a test, we have got new batteries coming and once arrived we will take that ups off line for a battery replacement, no downtime for main office during it.
11:00 24-Mar-2019 Office main server update, all is working fine for now, still no reason for a auto reboot but server had been up for 598 days without a reboot.
02:30 24-Mar-2019 Office main server & phones back online, still looking into the problem but for some reason the server just rebooted at 23:25, most services was back by 01:30 but a few services failed to restart and took some time to get them to start.
23:25 23-Mar-2019 Office main server down, this includes the office phones, Looking into the problem.
11:15 22-Mar-2019 Office is back on mains power.
10:20 22-Mar-2019 Due to storms and other factors the office is running on generator for now, Please take note, long power outages of 4 Hr or more can take out the internet to the office too and this includes phones (Thats the NBN for you).

16:00 11-Feb-2019 We have made changes to our SPF, DKM & DMARC for all domains, if our customers are having any problems with any of there emails then please call our office ASAP.
10:00 04-Feb-2019 Over the coming week we are changing some DNS settings, these settings are to help with Spam coming in and going out, More to follow.

00:01 01-Jan-2019 No problems to report this month.

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