COVID-19 Work

(From 1st Mar 2020, Updated 25th Jun 2022)

Our Office is operating as normal (If not more then normal) but we have implemented some new things for You (The customer) & Our safety over the months ahead.

  1. Where possible support will be via Phone or Internet.
  2. For onsite, We may ask a few health questions before we enter.
  3. We will keep our distance from you and most of the time use our own equipment to limit touching the customers equipment.
  4. For our health we can't use your hand sanitiser and any other safety equipment, we have our own equipment to protect us and with any sites that demand we use there's we will refuse service/support outright.
  5. Sites and Covid signin, As we have to have our own logs we will not sign in on any books at sites, if the site has computer photo login we will use (If clean for each user) but manual sign in will not be done for our own health.

We hope our customers understand this as these steps are in for both Yours & Our Safety.


From the 1st of Feb 2022, 99% of covid requirements including QR login's are no longer required.

From the 1st of Nov 2021 The NSW and VIC Lockdowns are lifted, also the NSW/VIC border bubble was removed, meaning Vic can go into NSW and NSW into Vic, there are still some hot spots but no lockdowns, this also means for our office that onsite support is allowed but within reason as we still have to keep Covid safe.

From the 23rd of Sep 2021 The Vic Gov has lifted the huge requirements for the border bubble and so we will be able to do more work in NSW, but note parts in NSW that are in Lockdown we will continue to try and support by phone or internet.

From the 17th of Sep 2021 The Vic Gov has removed the lockdown for most of Vic, the parts that are still in we still require a work permit to do onsite work, so we will do most work via Phone and Online.

From the 21st of Aug 2021 The Vic Gov has locked down the hole of Victoria from 1pm, what this means to our customers is we will only do Phone and Online support, some sites will need a onsite support but depending on the site this may ot be possible as hot spots are popping up all over the state, also note that we are now required to have a work permit for NSW and any work done "on site" in Victoria, this permit takes some time to get.

From the 1st of Jun 2021 The Vic Gov has placed all of NSW as a Red Zone, our office will still support places in the border community in NSW but if we have to travel out of it then there are increased cost as there is a 14 day lockdown of our return to the office

From the 28th of May 2021 the Vic Gov had placed all of Victoria back into stage 4 lockdown due to cases in Melbourne.

From the 1st of Feb 2021 the closure has been removed, tho the Vic government still wants permits, but are not checking.

From the 2nd of Jan 2021 the Victoria/NSW border is closed out right (Again),
We are looking into the permit for access but the Vic Government is not making it easy to get permits for now,
We will update this in the coming days.

From the 19th of Dec 2020 Victoria has closed the border to NSW, Permits are in place to enter.
Also Greater Sydney is a Hotspot so no on site visits, phone and internet support only

From the 9th of Nov 2020 the Melbourne ring lockdown is gone.

From the 23rd Of Nov 2020 NSW Government remove the border closer.

What does this mean:

For all of customers, Inside the border community we are doing site visits when needed but we prefer to do phone & internet support, for all out side this are we will only do Phone &/Or Over the Internet support.


Please note: Face mask are mandatory for Vic and NSW too, we will also try and do any support via Phone or Internet where possible, but when doing site visits we have to follow many Covid rules to try and keep us all safe.

Please stay safe and we hope to see you all again some time soon.