COVID-19 Work

(From 1st Mar 2020, Updated 6th Aug 2020)

Our Office is operating as normal (If not more then normal) but we have implemented some new things for You (The customer) & Our safety over the months ahead.

  1. Where possible support will be via Phone or Internet.
  2. For onsite, We may ask a few health questions before we enter.
  3. We will keep our distance from you and most of the time use our own equipment to limit touching the customers equipment.
  4. For our health we can't use your hand sanitiser and any other safety equipment, we have our own equipment to protect us and with any sites that demand we use there's we will refuse service/support outright.

We hope our customers understand this as these steps are in for both Your's & Our Safety.

As many know from the 3rd Aug 2020 HUGE restrictions were put in place,

Face mask are mandatory for all of Vic and NSW recommends people to wear them too.
For our Melbourne (and suburbs) customers Support can only be done by Phone or Internet as they are now in stage 4 restrictions and entry into the area is restrected,
For the rest of Victorians we are now back in Stage 3, we can help you but where possible it will be via Phone or Internet, for any onsite work we must wear masks and will keep our distance from all customers, we also ask our customers to please wear a mask while we are on site too,
For our NSW customers since the border is now closed tho we can get permits, with so many changes we are not crossing the border unless its just in the Albury area as NSW has now blocked all travel to the rest of NSW to any Victoria's, but as like Victoria we will try and do any support via Phone or Internet where possible.

We Hope to here about changes in September 2020 but with the way things are going we may have to only do support via Phone & Internet and hold off site support till restrictions are lifted

Please stay safe and we hope to see you all again some time soon.

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